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The Probe Dental Podcast Presents: The New PEERS President, Martin Wanendeya (Dentsply Sirona Podcast)


  Posted by: The Probe      3rd November 2021

In this podcast, brought to you by Dentsply Sirona, newly elected PEERS President, Martin Wanendeya talks about his plans for this important platform for the exchange of experience, research and science amongst dental implant clinicians, including increasing diversity and encouraging collaboration on an international scale.

PEERS was founded by Dentsply Sirona as a platform fuelled by a continual investment in research, learning and professional development in the area of implant dentistry. PEERS – which stands for Platform for Exchange of Experience, Research and Science – is designed to promote enhanced partnerships between Dentsply Sirona and dental implant professionals, as well as to facilitate collaboration between its members.

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