The Probe Dental Podcast Presents: SureSmile® Clear Aligners: a promising addition to my ortho-restorative practice

Shiraz Khan, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist at the London Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry

In this Dentsply Sirona podcast, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist, Shiraz Khan talks about his use of the SureSmile® Clear Aligner System and how it fits into his ortho-restorative practice at the London Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry. Find out why he thinks correct tooth positioning plays an essential part in composite restorations and how he got started with SureSmile.

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SureSmile celebrates 1,000,000 patients

One million patients around the world have now benefitted from treatment with SureSmile Technology. Dentsply Sirona is celebrating this significant milestone by saying thank you to the patients, doctors, partners, and employees around the world who have been a part of the SureSmile journey so far, while continuing its mission to improve oral healthcare and the treatment of malocclusion around the world.  

With SureSmile Aligners, patients and practices around the world have been able to rely on predictable results, expert support, and a better treatment experience along the clear aligner journey.

SureSmile has empowered doctors worldwide to provide a higher standard of care in the treatment of malocclusion. With no refinements required in 3 out of 4 SureSmile cases*, refinement rate is a huge advantage in ensuring better patient outcomes and transforming smiles with unparalleled precision.

“We know that a happy and healthy smile can improve someone’s confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being,” said Erania Brackett, Senior Vice President, Orthodontic Aligner Solutions and Customer Experience, at Dentsply Sirona. “Thank you to our employees, our partners, and the thousands of doctors around the world for the hours of dedication and personalized care you have given to SureSmile patients – all one million of them. At Dentsply Sirona, oral health is both a science and an art. d We have our sights set firmly on the future as we continue to transform the treatment of malocclusion and enable dental professionals to move forward with confidence to deliver the best possible care for their patients.”

For more information about SureSmile® Aligners, visit:

* Based on an internal analysis in excess of 100,000 global SureSmile® aligner cases conducted between Jan. 2019 – Dec. 2021. Data on File.

Due to the different approval and registration times, not all technologies and products are immediately available in all countries.  

Global Clinical Case Contest awards for dental students: Recogniing excellence in aesthetic dentistry

The 2022-2023 Global Clinical Case Contest included 260 students from 90 dental schools around the world. They first presented their restorations to a local jury. The winners of the regional competitions then took part in the final in Konstanz in front of an international jury consisting of Dr. Ian Cline, dentist at King’s College (United Kingdom), Prof. Dr. Gaetano Paolone of the University of Milan (Italy) and Dr. Frank Pfefferkorn, Senior Clinical Research Manager at Dentsply Sirona.

Each of the eleven finalists gave a brief presentation of their challenging cases in which they treated patients with restorative materials from Dentsply Sirona to give them a beautiful, radiant smile.

Deserving winners among strong competition

Margherita Feliciotti of the University of Siena, Italy, won the competition. She presented a large anterior tooth restoration for which she used the universal adhesive Prime&Bond active and the composite Ceram.x Spectra ST with SphereTEC filler technology in various opacities and viscosities.

Second place went to Catharina Glose of the University of Göttingen. She presented the case of a patient who requested improved aesthetics with a composite restoration of the anterior teeth from 12 to 22 following orthodontic treatment. The materials used were the Etch&Rinse adhesive Prime&Bond XP, Ceram.x Spectra ST in CLOUD shades and the Ceram.x Spectra ST Effects materials D1 and E1.

Two finalists shared third place: Ahmed Kamal of the October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), Egypt, was awarded a prize for an aesthetically challenging restoration for a male patient in the region 14 to 17 using the universal adhesive Prime&Bond Universal, the Palodent V3 matrix system and Spectra ST. Yu-Fang Huang of the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, China, received the award for a case in which a juvenile incisor was restored. She used Prime&Bond Universal and Spectrum TPH3 in the shades A1 and A3.5.

The finalists of the Global Clinical Case Contest were given attractive prizes in addition to the invitation to Konstanz.

Promoting innovative training programs

“As organizers of the competition for future dentists, we are very pleased about the great interest and high quality of the entries submitted,” said Dr. Frank Pfefferkorn. “Through its extensive cooperation with universities throughout the world, Dentsply Sirona promotes the development of innovative training programs with state-of-the-art materials and technologies. The results are impressive. The goal remains to support future dentists in providing their patients with the best possible treatment. Congratulations to all winners!”

The Dentsply Sirona Global Clinical Case Contest has been taking place since 2004/2005. The competition is aimed at dental students with less than two years of clinical practice. The participants document their case using text and images and are supported by a tutor from their university.

Applications for the GCCC 2023–2024 can now be submitted. Further information on the Dentsply Sirona Global Clinical Case Contest is available here.

Upward Trend in Participation for Clinical Education Programmes as Dentsply Sirona Launches New On-Demand Curricula

Dentsply Sirona’s clinical education programs reached almost half a million dental professionals who participated in a broad range of courses around the globe throughout 2022. This is a five percent increase in pre-pandemic participation levels. Some of the increase in participation comes from the development of a broad portfolio of online and on-demand clinical education programs. Restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic led to a dramatic increase in online education participation. As these restrictions eased throughout 2022, dental professionals were eager to join in-person trainings and get back in the classroom, but online education remains popular once again.

The Company understands the importance of hands-on and in-person education for dental professionals. That’s why Dentsply Sirona has 55 education centers in 33 countries through which professionals can access training on the latest techniques and digital workflows. The Company also continues to expand its flagship DS World clinical education events to new countries and regions.

At the same time, dental professionals with busy work schedules value the convenience of online education. To meet this need, Dentsply Sirona is expanding its library of online clinical education available through Dentsply Sirona Academy. These evidence-based comprehensive courses are self-paced and interactive, developed and taught by leading experts in their respective areas of dentistry, and are designed to expand skillsets and increase confidence. This is particularly helpful as advances in new technology and techniques rapidly impact.

New On-Demand Workflow Curricula

Building on the successful rollout of the Dental Implants Curriculum available on-demand through the Dentsply Sirona Academy, Dentsply Sirona launched a new Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Curriculum and an Endodontics Curriculum which is focused on the entire workflow. The curriculum is grouped into three learning tracks – Foundational, Procedure-Based, and Mastery to address each clinician on their individual learning journey and help advance them to the next level in clinical, technical and practice excellence. The courses are created by a diverse group of globally renowned KOLs and instructional design experts to ensure an engaging experience for participants. Initial feedback is very positive. Dr. Mark A. Latta, DMD, MS, Professor of General Dentistry at Creighton University, Omaha, USA, commented that, “The rapid advances in technology across all the disciplines of dental health care have made it even more essential for clinicians to be committed to life-long learning. Driven by a cadre of global experts, the Dentsply Sirona curriculum provides outstanding opportunities for engaging courses that will provide each learner immediate benefits for the care of their patients.”

First Sustainability Educational Curriculum for Dental Professionals

Additionally, Dentsply Sirona developed and launched the first Sustainability Educational Curriculum for Dentistry through the Dentsply Sirona Academy. The curriculum responds to an international study1 conducted by Dentsply Sirona in 2022 which revealed that three-quarters of all dentists say that there is a knowledge gap on sustainability and want to learn more about this topic. The curriculum addresses this knowledge gap on sustainable dentistry focusing on building deeper understanding of the industry’s environmental and social challenges and how to take action for more sustainable practices in their offices or labs.

To learn more about the on-demand curricula available through the Dentsply Sirona Academy, click here.

Introducing the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator™ – for fast, effective root canal irrigation

Dentsply Sirona is delighted to announce the launch of the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator, the latest addition to Dentsply Sirona’s range of endodontic treatment solutions.

The EndoActivator attachment to the SmartLite® Pro is designed for intracanal activation of the irrigation fluids used for cleaning and disinfecting root canals.

The number one concern when performing endodontic treatment is cleaning the canal[i]. About 35% or more of canal surfaces are left untouched after instrumentation, mainly due to the anatomical complexities of the root canal system. Yet the long-term success of endodontic procedures depends on a clean canal[ii].

The SmartLite Pro EndoActivator promotes deep cleaning and disinfection to facilitate three-dimensional obturation and long-term success.

With multi-directional movement and 360° rotation, the SmartLite Pro EndoActivator uses elliptical motion and increased energy for effective irrigant activation in ProTaper Ultimate™, WaveOne® Gold and TruNatomy™ canals.

The interchangeable colour-coded tips – available in small, medium and new medium long – have a new parallelogram-shaped cross-sectional design to improve fluid exchange and cleaning potential during irrigation. They are made from a non-cutting, medical-grade polymer making them strong and flexible without ledging, transportation, enlargement or shaping of the canal.

The multifunctional charging base now supports the SmartLite Pro, curing light tip, transillumination tip and the EndoActivator tip to cover a wide variety of clinical indications.

With instrumentation and irrigation being fundamental to successful endodontic treatment, the slim and ergonomic SmartLite Pro EndoActivator brings predictability and practicality to thorough root canal cleaning.

To find out more about Dentsply Sirona’s range of endodontic solutions, visit  





[i] 2021 Dental Omnibus, Key Group Market Research

[ii] Peters, O. A., K. Schonenberger, and A. Laib. ”Effects of Four Ni-Ti Preparation Techniques on Root Canal Geometry

Assessed by MicroComputed Tomography.“ International Endodontic Journal Int Endod J 34.3 (2001): 221-30


Dentsply Sirona launches a series of resources to help dental professionals develop more sustainable dental practices

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges facing society, and every industry – including dentistry. Last year, Dentsply Sirona conducted a global study1 amongst more than 1,300 dentists from the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America which revealed that three-quarters of the participants believe there is a knowledge gap regarding sustainability in dentistry. To help answer that need and help support dental professionals on their journey to become more sustainable in their practice or lab, Dentsply Sirona has put together a Sustainability in Dentistry Resource Kit – available free of charge on their webpage – and invites everyone to join in the sustainability challenge by taking 1 step today to understand, commit or take action for more sustainable dentistry.

Resources offered

The Sustainability in Dentistry Resource Kit, aimed at helping facilitate dental professionals’ journey toward developing a more sustainable practice, consists of three parts:

  • Understanding what sustainability means for dentistry, including why and how dental professionals can have an impact.
    Acting more ecologically and socially responsible in everyday life does not seem so difficult, but where does one start in the dental industry? To clarify this question, Dentsply Sirona has developed a Sustainability Educational Curriculum, as part of our Clinical Educational program, called DS Academy. Continuing Education (CE) credits2 are available for each completed course. The courses are led by experienced dentists and sustainability experts who are passionate about making a difference in the dental industry.
  • Taking action – Interactive Toolkit for more environmentally friendly dental practices
    Dentsply Sirona is a proud co-founder of FDI World Dental Federation’s “Sustainability in Dentistry” initiative. As a result, an interactive toolkit has been designed to give concrete examples of actions dental professionals can take to reduce the environmental footprint in dental practices. Once registered, dental professionals will discover various sustainability challenges and earn recognition awards for their practice by taking on an active role in making dentistry more sustainable.
  • Committing to a more sustainable dentistry – The Pledge
    As another result of the partnership with FDI, a Pledge for Sustainable Dentistry has been published to invite dental professionals to show their support for environmental sustainability within oral healthcare. By signing, dental professionals express their commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts of their practice or lab.

Join the Sustainability Movement with FDI’s Virtual Summit

In addition, the FDI World Dental Federation’s virtual Summit on Sustainability in Dentistry will take place on the World Environment Day, June 5. Following the success of the Sustainability in Dentistry initiative, the Summit delivers captivating case studies, innovative ideas, and research projects dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of dentistry. Attendees can also look forward to a virtual display of poster abstracts and a bursary fund for participants from low-income countries. Register for the Summit here.

Taking action for a brighter world and a more sustainable dentistry

The launch of Dentsply Sirona’s Sustainability in Dentistry Resource Kit marks another milestone in the company’s commitment towards leading the advancement of sustainability in the dental industry.

This initiative is part of its sustainability strategy, BEYOND: Taking Action for a Brighter World. At the heart of BEYOND is the ambition to improve quality of and access to oral health around the world, protect the environment, being a trustworthy corporate citizen and foster a diverse and inclusive environment within the workplace and society. To achieve this, Dentsply Sirona has set itself ambitious sustainability goals, supports industry-wide co-operations and brings to the table the willingness to go above and beyond to achieve real changes for a more sustainable future across the entire dentistry.


1Global Sustainability in Dentistry Study organized in 2022, Link to Study Report
2Continuing Education (CE) credits valid only for US and Canada 

Dentsply Sirona Appoints Emily P. Miner as Senior Vice President, Quality and Regulatory

Emily P. Miner joins Dentsply Sirona as a proven strategic leader with more than 15 years of quality and regulatory experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Simon Campion, Chief Executive Officer of Dentsply Sirona, said, “Emily is a seasoned executive who has acquired significant quality and regulatory experience during her career in major medical device companies. The most critical interface that our customers and their patients have with our company is through the quality of our products, our hardware and our software. Emily’s appointment to the Management Team at Dentsply Sirona is a reflection of our continued commitment to the quality of the products and services we provide to the global dental community.”

Emily P. Miner, Senior Vice President, Quality and Regulatory, said, “I am honored and excited to join the world’s largest dental company where quality and innovation are core values. I am looking forward to working with the team to advance our quality and regulatory initiatives and ensuring that our products and solutions meet the highest standards for our customers globally.”

About Emily P. Miner

With more than 15 years of experience, Emily P. Miner’s expertise spans all elements of Quality and Regulatory management, including Consent Decree remediation, general quality system remediations, extensive global regulatory inspection preparation and management, stage gate development projects, strategic program management, and global quality operations. Most recently, she served as Senior Vice President, Global Quality and Regulatory, at Terumo Cardiovascular since 2018. Prior to Terumo, she was with PwC PRTM Management Consultants, Hospira, and Boston Scientific. Emily holds a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Engineering Management from Duke University.

Miles for Smiles – Join Dentsply Sirona for this annual charity event

Did you know around 274,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness across the UK?

Join Dentsply Sirona UK & Ireland in our mission to support oral health within the homeless community by walking 27,400 steps and raising funds for the dental charity Dentaid.

On Friday 30th June 2023, we will be walking simultaneously in 2 locations with panoramic views: Old Windsor to Weybridge in Surrey and Haworth in West Yorkshire!

We are delighted to be organising this event for our colleagues, friends, family members, business partners and the wider dental community to help give a smile back to those in need. Miles for Smiles is a brilliant opportunity for team building and having lots of fun.

Who are Dentaid?

In the UK, Dentaid provides free dental care for homeless and vulnerable people. Dentaid’s mobile dental units visit hostels, day centres and night shelters providing emergency treatment for people who find it difficult to access dental care. Dentaid also provide dental care in areas where people are struggling to find a dentist and run clinics for refugees and asylum seekers, head and neck cancer patients, veterans, children in areas of social deprivation and victims of domestic violence. 

If you are interested in joining Miles for Smiles to raise money for this fantastic cause, click the button below to register:

REGISTER FOR MILES FOR SMILES – Miles for Smiles 2023 supporting Dentaid Registration, Fri 30 Jun 2023 at 09:30 | Eventbrite


“We had a great time on the Miles for Smiles walk, ideal team bonding all while raising money for a good cause and getting us all moving, doing some sightseeing with great company. The team really had a great day and made some fun memories!” 

“Taking part in Miles for Smiles 2022 was truly one of the highlights of my year! A fantastic way to connect with colleagues and customers you wouldn’t usually get to speak to, all whilst supporting a wonderful dental charity!”

“The Miles for Smiles walk was a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause. In addition to that, it was also a great opportunity for team building and meeting new people!”

Dentsply Sirona Offers New Comprehensive On-Demand Endodontics Curriculum

Dentsply Sirona’s new On-Demand Endodontics Curriculum is designed to build and expand clinicians’ skills through self-paced, user-friendly, interactive online learning. The new endodontics continuing education (CE) courses, now available through the DS Academy, cover diagnosis and the entire endodontic therapy workflow, from fundamental to mastery topics.

The new Endodontics Curriculum provides dentists with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration they need to stay up to date with tuition-free interactive, user-friendly online CE courses. Developed in collaboration with world-renowned clinicians and instructional designers, the comprehensive curriculum showcases current endodontic techniques and procedures. Participants can start with the curriculum at the level that best suits their clinical experience and interests. It is self-paced and interactive, meaning that courses can be taken at the clinician’s convenience, anytime, anywhere.

“The rapid advances in technology across all the disciplines of dental health care have made it even more essential for clinicians to be committed to life-long learning”, says Mark A. Latta, DMD, MS, Professor of General Dentistry at Creighton University, Omaha, USA. “While there are numerous opportunities for on-demand virtual courses, finding high-quality evidenced-based education can be a challenge. Driven by a cadre of global experts, the Dentsply Sirona curriculum will provide each learner immediate benefits for the care of their patients, regardless of where they are on their educational journey.”

The new endodontics curriculum is focused on the entire workflow and is grouped into three learning tracks – Foundational, Procedure-Based, and Mastery. Those new to endodontics should start their learning journey with the foundational learning track which includes four courses concentrating on an introduction to endodontics, including diagnosis. Those with more experience can jump further down the learning pathway to the intermediate, procedure-based level. The three courses of this track primarily discuss endodontic therapy and the factors influencing treatment outcomes. Finally, the mastery courses are ideal for experienced clinicians interested in further refining or expanding their existing skills. The three courses of this advanced level discuss non-surgical retreatment, the management of perforations, and the open apex.

“We are committed to providing high-quality continuing education through our Dentsply Sirona Academy. Our goal is to help dental professionals overcome common challenges and bring out the best in them so they can confidently provide the best possible care for their patients” says Pamela Marklew, Vice President Global Clinical Education at Dentsply Sirona.

The new Endodontics Curriculum is here.

Dentsply Sirona announces 2023 World Oral Health Day activities

For the second year running, Dentsply Sirona supports World Oral Health Day (WOHD) on March 20 as well as throughout the rest of the year with a number of activities. This commitment is part of Dentsply Sirona’s sustainability strategy, “BEYOND: Taking action for a brighter world,” and supports the aim of raising awareness of oral health as a key factor in living a longer, healthier life.

Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, continues its partnership with FDI World Dental Federation for World Oral Health Day 2023. Following the great success of last year’s efforts, Dentsply Sirona will launch a number of activities around March 20, with further action to follow throughout the year.  

This year’s campaign theme, “Be Proud of Your Mouth – Look after your oral health for a lifetime of smiles,” aims to draw attention to the importance of maintaining life-long oral health. Dentsply Sirona is focusing its activities on supporting customers in educating their patients, in addition to a social media campaign aimed at the general public that highlights the importance of good oral hygiene and the role that dental professionals play in achieving and maintaining oral health. 

“We are proud to continue our support for World Oral Health Day for a second year,” says Erania Brackett, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Sustainability at Dentsply Sirona, who contributed to an FDI podcast episode on the topic of WOHD. “The aim of the day aligns fully with our own sustainability strategy BEYOND, especially our goal of creating 25 million healthy smiles by 2025. Let’s all work together to improve oral health globally and bring many more smiles to people near and far.”

Special activities for dentists and Dentsply Sirona employees

Building on WOHD’s crucial message, Dentsply Sirona has developed a toolkit that the company strives to release in the US, Canada and UK by end April 2023 that healthcare professionals will be able to use to help educate their patients on the importance of oral health. The toolkit includes digital and print-ready messages, as well as leaflets. Healthcare professionals will be able to download the toolkit via the Dentsply Sirona website.

Dentsply Sirona employees will also be provided with targeted information via the DS Community intranet site and Yammer on how to best take care of their own as well as their family’s oral health. For extra motivation, Dentsply Sirona will later in the year launch an internal dental check-up fundraiser and value every dental appointment that employees schedule during a set period of time with a donation to its partner Smile Train, the world’s largest cleft surgery charity.

Dentsply Sirona sponsors “Most original activity” award

To draw additional attention on the aims of WOHD, Dentsply Sirona proudly sponsors the “Most original activity” award, presented at the FDI World Dental Congress in Sydney, Australia. After March 20, student associations can submit their WOHD activity report by the end of April, with those that have a unique way of promoting oral health messages and successfully spread them among the public making it onto a shortlist for the award. The final winners will be announced at the FDI World Dental Congress in September. For information on how to enter the competition and the criteria for winning, go to the WOHD website.

For more information on Dentsply Sirona’s sustainability strategy BEYOND, visit

Further information about the WOHD partnership with FDI is available on the Dentsply Sirona website.