Dentsply Sirona highlights need for collective action on World Oral Health Day

For World Oral Health Day 2024 on March 20, Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, is highlighting the urgent need for collective action across the dental industry and beyond to work towards universal access to oral health. Through initiatives with the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine Initiative to Integrate Oral Health and Medicine, Dentsply Sirona advocates for medical-dental integration and addresses oral health inequalities and challenges. In the spirit of this appeal, Dentsply Sirona is continuing its partnership with FDI World Dental Federation (FDI) to raise awareness and inspire cross-industry collaborative efforts on this topic.

To this end, the company has put into place a number of actions on WOHD and throughout the coming year: Dentsply Sirona has made available a Patient Education Toolkit for use in dental practices and will run promotional activities on its social media channels as well as an awareness campaign internally for its employees. The company is also the global sponsor of FDI’s  2024 WOHD Award for “Most engaging community campaign” to promote oral health.

“This year’s World Oral Health Day motto is ‘A happy mouth is a happy body’. While achieving and maintaining good oral health are often overlooked, they are critical to the overall health and well-being of people,” says Andrea Frohning, Dentsply Sirona’s SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer. “This is why we need to constantly take action to ensure that everyone everywhere has access to good oral health care. This is a momentous task and one that can only be achieved if we collaborate across industries and regions to make this goal come true.”

Recognizing community campaigns and empowering patients

To shine a light on the role of communities in promoting oral health, FDI has created the WOHD Award for “Most engaging community campaign”. As the global sponsor of the award, Dentsply Sirona encourages members of the public to set up, run and nominate exceptional campaigns that educate local communities on the importance of oral and overall health. The award will consider the variety and reach of the campaign activities as well as the type and quality of collaboration with external partners, amongst other things. Further information about the award and how to participate can be found on the WOHD website

Dental professionals who, in the spirit of WOHD, are looking to educate their patients on the direct correlation between oral health and whole-body health are invited to make use of the Patient Education Toolkit created by Dentsply Sirona. This patient communication resource contains a selection of easy-to-use media formats for use in dental practices or on digital channels to motivate patients to get regular dental check-ups.

Industry-leading commitment to taking action

2024 marks the third year that Dentsply Sirona has partnered with FDI on WOHD, and the topic of access to oral health remains important to Dentsply Sirona year-round as it forms a central aspect of the company’s sustainability strategy “BEYOND: Taking action for a brighter world.” Dentsply Sirona is well on its way to reach its goal of enabling 25 million smiles by 2025. The company has achieved this by working with key partners to help ensure that more communities have access to quality oral healthcare, through its single visit dentistry solutions, by educating people around the world that oral health is a key factor for living a longer and healthier life, and more.

“At Dentsply Sirona, we are dedicated to driving positive change in the dental industry to achieve better, accessible and more sustainable oral health outcomes through innovation, collaboration and impactful partnerships,” says Andrea Frohning. “We invite dental institutions and individuals that want to make a change to join us and work united for better dentistry.”

“It is essential to bring together partners from across public and private sectors and collaborate to successfully tackle oral health issues and improve access to oral health globally,” says FDI President Dr. Greg Chadwick. “We are glad to partner with dental industry leader Dentsply Sirona on our mission to advance oral health as a critical component of overall health and well-being.”

Those interested in promoting World Oral Health Day can follow the #WOHD24 campaign as well as Dentsply Sirona and FDI social media accounts for more information.

For more information on Dentsply Sirona’s sustainability strategy BEYOND, visit

Further information about the WOHD partnership with FDI is available on the Dentsply Sirona website.

Dentsply Sirona advocates for more inclusive measures on International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, is advocating for a greater focus on women’s equality, representation and inclusion in the dental industry. The company also reaffirms its own commitment to work towards more diversity, equity and inclusion both internally and externally. 

“The world has come a long way since the beginnings of International Women’s Day over a hundred years ago, but we still have some distance to go,“ says Andrea Frohning, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer at Dentsply Sirona. “In a time where more and more women are choosing to join dentistry, we all need to make sure that our industry offers them equal opportunities, values their expertise and recognizes their achievements.” 

Inspiring inclusion throughout the industry

Recently named one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity in 2024 by Newsweek, Dentsply Sirona has long been a champion of gender equality in the dental industry, launching and supporting initiatives designed to further inclusion and to increase the representation of women in educational programs, events and case studies to best reflect the makeup of the collective dental industry. 

Dentsply Sirona’s relaunched Smart Integration Award is one such initiative. The award honors innovative female dentists and dental technicians for their visionary ideas in digital dentistry, including areas such as digital clinical workflows, patient, community and educational impacts, as well as sustainability practices. 

Dentsply Sirona also sponsors a global women speaker development program called “First to 50” which aims to elevate the voices of accomplished female dental professionals and enable more women in dentistry to be represented through speaking opportunities. The program provides access to structured speaker trainings for all levels of experience. Over the years, “First to 50” has grown steadily, with the number of participants per year more than doubling since inception.

Additionally, Dentsply Sirona goes beyond by supporting the “She’s Prime” program in Latin America. Named after the company’s Prime Solutions*, the program aims to help women in the region establish leadership skills and technical knowledge in digital dentistry. The company is empowering the group by providing mentorship, education, and increasing awareness of the important role women play in the dental industry.

Furthering diversity, equity and inclusion internally

Internally, Dentsply Sirona strives to reach global gender pay parity as well as gender parity by 2025 – five years ahead of the 2030 goal set by the Paradigm for Parity initiative, a coalition to which Dentsply Sirona is a signatory. Furthermore, the company has successfully implemented, amongst other things, trainings focused on eliminating hiring bias, mentoring, coaching and leadership programs.  

A large role in helping create a supportive and growth-promoting environment at Dentsply Sirona is played by “DS Women”, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that works to elevate female talent through professional development, offering women opportunities to  take center stage in the company. It is the biggest ERG at Dentsply Sirona and boasts more than 1,200 members in 40 countries.

Furthermore, Dentsply Sirona recently received a certification for its gender equality measures and practices in Italy as part of a national drive to battle low female employment and close the gender pay gap. To achieve this certification, Dentsply Sirona Italy was thoroughly audited by Bureau Veritas, an independent company providing inspections, conformity checks and certifications.  The audit evaluated Dentsply Sirona’s internal gender equality measures based on six key indicators: culture and strategy, governance, human resources processes, opportunities for growth and inclusion of women in the company, remuneration equity by gender, protection of parenthood and conciliation between work and family life.

“As a leader in the dental industry, Dentsply Sirona is committed to driving the movement for gender inclusion and equity in dentistry. We take this responsibility seriously and are working hard to help build a better, more inclusive world for women,” says Andrea Frohning. “We are delighted and grateful for every company and every dental professional who joins us and takes action for more inclusion and more gender equality.”

To learn more about Dentsply Sirona’s DE&I efforts, please visit

Dentsply Sirona and A-dec expand their collaboration by integrating Primescan Connect into A-dec delivery systems

Dentsply Sirona and A-dec have announced the extension of their collaboration and the integration of the Dentsply Sirona Primescan Connect™ intraoral scanner with the A-dec 500 and A-dec 300 delivery systems. 

The expanded collaboration reflects the need for simplicity, ease, and productivity of digital impressions. Offering Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan Connect as an integrated option brings high efficiency to doctors’ workflow and significant value to their A-dec delivery systems. The Primescan Connect intraoral scanner enables a highly accurate, full arch scan in under one minute. Incorporated into the A-dec delivery system, Primescan Connect can improve the patient experience, increase operational efficiency, and support revenue generation for the practice. Primescan Connect is powered by Dentsply Sirona’s cloud-based software platform, DS Core*. This platform allows dental professionals to enhance their daily workflows with different tools, like viewing images remotely from their smart phone or other connected devices, creating productivity and flexibility for dental professionals.

A-dec Chief Executive Officer, Marv Nelson, said the strategic collaboration is a fitting way to mark the company’s 60th year of bringing dentists reliable, creative solutions. “A-dec customers will benefit from the ability to offer digital impressions more easily with great accessibility to images. We are pleased that this collaboration with Dentsply Sirona brings one more valuable integrated option for our customers. Adding Primescan Connect reinforces our commitment to give professionals more choices of integrated devices and technology for their A-dec equipment, elevating their practices now and well into the future.”  

“Our expanded collaboration with A-dec offers significant value to customers as it adds our hi-tech Primescan Connect intraoral scanner to A-dec’s modern dental delivery systems, enabling excellent workflows for dental professionals and facilitating more treatment options for their patients,” says Andreas Frank, Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer at Dentsply Sirona. “For us, the future of digital dentistry means providing our customers with the tools to grow their practice, increase efficiency, and drive better patient experiences and clinical outcomes.” 

This offering builds upon the two companies’ previous successful collaboration integrating the Dentsply Sirona’s Cavitron® ultrasonic scaling system into A-dec delivery systems. The interface with Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan Connect intraoral scanner is expected to be available through selected dealers on new A-dec 500 and A-dec 300 delivery systems in late spring 2024.

For more product information, including availability in specific countries, contact your authorized
A-dec dealer.

*More information about DS Core can be found here.

Dentsply Sirona offers new on-demand Aligner Course Series

Dentsply Sirona’s new Aligner Course Series is designed to build and expand clinicians’ skills through self-paced, user-friendly, interactive online learning. The continuing education (CE) courses, available through DS Academy, support clinicians in orthodontic aligner treatments. 

The Aligner Course Series is an on-demand program designed to equip dental practitioners with the knowledge and skills to excel in aligner therapy. The self-paced curriculum enables clinicians to progress through learning modules at their own speed and according to their own schedule. 

Advance aligner therapy practice with confidence: Individual learning journey to expand dental skills

The Aligner Learning Series consists of nine courses, categorized into three levels: Foundational, Procedure-based, and Mastery. The Foundational level, which lays the groundwork for understanding key concepts and principles, includes two expert-led courses covering the biomechanics of tooth movement and aligners, as well as occlusion and alignment problems. These courses provide a solid foundation for practitioners looking to delve into aligner therapy.

  • Course 1: Biomechanics of Tooth Movement & Aligners, Dr. Tyler Rathburn
  • Course 2: Occlusion & Alignment Problems, Dr. Sara Mahmood 

“I highly recommend the orthodontic Learning Series for anyone who may be interested in growing this sector of their clinical life,” says Sara Mahmood, DDS from Dallas, TX United States, a Dentsply Sirona educator and key opinion leader.  “The key takeaway from my course is simple. Malocclusion is a disease process that clinicians should diagnose and treat like they do everyday conditions such as caries and periodontal disease. It’s our responsibility to understand and educate the ins and outs of misaligned teeth and to subsequently offer solutions to our patients.”

Procedural Courses

Moving on to the Procedure-based level, five courses delve into various aspects of aligner therapy. These courses are ideal for clinicians seeking a comprehensive understanding of identifying and treating aligner case types efficiently and predictably.

  • Course 3: Case Diagnosis and Patient Selection, Dr. Kelly Toft
  • Course 4: Treatment Plan & Prescription, Dr. Geoff Stone
  • Course 5: Digital Treatment Plan for Aligner Therapy, Dr. Anthony Ponzio
  • Course 6: Starting & Managing Treatment, Dr. Karin Frank
  • Course 7: Clear Aligner Capstone, Dr. Jeff Rohde

Mastery Courses

For those seeking to master complex cases, Dentsply Sirona offers two Mastery courses providing participants with the expertise necessary to handle the most challenging aligner therapy cases with confidence and precision.

  • Course 8: Diagnosing & Treatment Planning Complex Cases, Dr. Josh Rowley,
  • Course 9: Advanced Capstone, Dr. James Taylor

“We are dedicated to supporting dental professionals by providing comprehensive educational resources,” said Erania Brackett, Senior Vice President of Orthodontic Aligners Solutions and Customer Experience at Dentsply Sirona. “We understand the challenges dental practitioners face when it comes to continuing education. The Aligner Learning Series has been thoughtfully designed to address those challenges and provide an engaging and flexible learning experience; we aim to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge required to achieve optimal patient outcomes, elevate their practices and advance with confidence.”

Clinical Education at Dentsply Sirona: Empowering dental professionals in excellent patient outcomes and career advancement

The Aligner Course Series is part of Dentsply Sirona’s Academy Clinical Education offering, which includes learnings series related to Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, Endodontics, Implants, and Sustainability. By expanding their access to educational resources, Dentsply Sirona aims to support dental professionals at every step in their career and keep them updated with the latest industry advancements.

The new Aligner Course Series are now available on Dentsply Sirona’s website.
Aligner Course Series | Dentsply Sirona Global

Dentsply Sirona’s DS Academy Campus is an additional touch point to engage with the DS Academy for clinical, technical, and product education. From digital aligner workflows to integrating artificial intelligence into the dental practice, Dentsply Sirona aims to foster a thriving DS Academy community. We extend a warm invitation to dental professionals worldwide, inviting them to embark on a journey of learning and self-development, empowering both themselves and their practices with unwavering confidence.

To register for the new DS Campus and access a plethora of high-quality clinical education content including the webinars, please visit: Dentsply Sirona Campus

Have you tried ProTaper Ultimate™ yet?

The new-generation ProTaper® endodontic file system

Since its launch in 2001, ProTaper has evolved through ProTaper® Universal, ProTaper® Gold  and ProTaper® Next to become one of the most recognised and trusted endodontic file systems in the world today.

ProTaper is a file system that has stood the test of time with continuous technological advances and improved performance in the preparation of both anatomically complex and straightforward root canals.

Building on this success, Dentsply Sirona has launched ProTaper Ultimate™, keeping the same philosophy and a similar technique to the previous generations of ProTaper but with new precision tools that deliver consistency, versatility and predictable outcomes across more cases.

Shape, clean and obturate

ProTaper Ultimate is the ideal file system for both experienced endodontists and those just starting out in endodontic practice.

The treatment concept is based on three core procedures:

  1. Canal shaping
  2. Cleaning root canals
  3. Obturation

Canal shaping

Canal shaping is achieved with a sequence of three file types – Slider, Shaper and Finisher – specific files designed to safely prepare a full range of endodontic anatomy.

  • The Slider file establishes the glide path while extending the initial orifice opening thanks to its flared top. The slider is a combination of the original ProGlider and S1 file.
  • The dedicated Shaper files, with enhanced cutting efficiency, prepare and remove debris from the coronal two-thirds of the canal but with more emphasis on preserving dentine than previous generations.
  • The Finishers then serve to increase the terminal diameter and apical one-third of the canal to give flexibility for the most challenging of anatomies without separating or unwinding.

Optimal disinfection

Efficient cleaning of the root canal focuses on eliminating pulp, bacteria and debris. To facilitate cleaning, the flexible, multi-directional Irrigation Needle, designed to follow the natural shape of the canal, is used to safely deliver irrigant deep into the apical portion of the preparation.

Activating irrigants can help to produce a cleaner surface with more opened dentinal tubules and less remaining debris, that allows for better obturation of lateral and accessory canals.

The SmartLite Pro EndoActivator is designed for multi-directional movement, using elliptical motion and increased energy for effective irrigant activation and 3D cleaning.


To successfully fill and seal the root canal system after shaping and cleaning, ProTaper Ultimate includes dedicated gutta-percha master cones based on the unique Conform Fit® technology. Designed to work perfectly with the files and colour-coded to match the different file sizes they use a variable-tapered design for an ideal cone fit.

Why choose ProTaper Ultimate?

ProTaper Ultimate covers a wide range of canal morphologies. Designed for clinicians who perform frequent endodontic procedures, it provides the ability to cover more difficult clinical cases and treat more severely curved, narrow and larger diameter canals than ever before.

  • The Slider-Shaper-Finishers sequence is designed to cover a full range of anatomical situations and expanding the anatomical range of cases encountered in clinical practice
  • Significantly higher cyclic fatigue and torsional resistance
  • A faster sequence: 32% faster glide path and shaping[i]
  • Obturation with ideal cone fit therefore less waste and saves time
  • Over 25% better cleaning efficacy versus sodium hypochlorite soak without activation[ii].

“ProTaper Ultimate has been designed to provide confidence and predictability for the clinician and patient alike. The comprehensive file system balances safety and efficiency when preparing canals that range from easy and straightforward, to large and open, or that exhibit challenging curvatures and recurvatures.”

Dr Clifford J. Ruddle, Advanced Endodontics®, co-inventor of ProTaper Ultimate

Find out more about ProTaper Ultimate

To find out more about Dentsply Sirona’s extensive range of endodontic solutions please visit

Find out why Dave Edwards, Doctoral Research Fellow at the School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University, believes he gets the best of both worlds with ProTaper Ultimate in his podcast with The Probe.




[i] Compared to ProGlider and ProTaper Gold up to F2

[ii] Only applicable for EndoActivator

The Probe Presents: The best of both worlds with ProTaper® Ultimate™

In this latest Dentsply Sirona podcast, we talk to Dr Dave Edwards, Doctoral Research Fellow at the School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University, Speciality Trainee in Endodontics and Associate Dentist in endo-focussed private practice.

Dave uses ProTaper® Ultimate™ in his practice, the latest and most advanced ProTaper endodontic file system from Dentsply Sirona. He discusses its benefits and how it offers the best of both worlds in terms of simplicity and flexibility for more complex cases.

Listen here as well as on all major podcast platforms, including Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify and more:

Or watch the interview via The Probe’s Youtube channel: 


For more information about ProTaper Ultimate and Dentsply Sirona’s full range of endodontic file systems, visit:

Dentsply Sirona launches the Lucitone Digital Print Denture System for digital denture manufacturing with Primeprint™ Solution

With the combination of Lucitone Digital Print Denture™ System and Primeprint™ Solution, dental practices and labs have access to a highly automated and fully validated 3D printing and finishing workflow for in-house denture manufacturing.

Dentsply Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, enhances the range of applications for its Primeprint Solution with additions to its resin portfolio. The Lucitone Digital Print Denture™ System has now been FDA and CE cleared for Primeprint™ Solution. This enables practices and labs to grow and advance confidently to a streamlined in-house denture production process, supported by a fully validated 3D printing and post-processing workflow.

Additional automated and easy-to-use features provide new opportunities for practices

The Dentsply Sirona Lucitone Digital Print Denture™ System with Lucitone Digital Print™ 3D Denture Base, Lucitone Digital IPN™ 3D Premium Tooth and Lucitone Digital Value™ Trial Placement for manufacturing of try-ins delivers the excellent combination of market-leading materials provided in the convenient Primeprint cartridge system for safe and clean usage. The resins offer the excellent combination of high impact denture resin and highly esthetic, durable tooth resin. Furthermore, the highly automated and software-supported workflow requires fewer manual steps than traditional denture production techniques. The automatic washing and curing process with the Primeprint Post Processing Unit reduces the amount of manual labor needed to clean and cure – simplifying the workflow.

“The validated materials and workflows establish process consistency and product confidence to deliver accurate and repeatable results,” said Max Milz, Group Vice President Connected Technology Solutions at Dentsply Sirona. 

Efficient and medical-grade 3D printing with Primeprint™ Solution

Primeprint™ Solution is a medical-grade 3D printing system that can be used to produce a wide range of medical applications. With simplified, end-to-end workflows the solution is designed to be convenient and easy to use while meeting very high standards of safety, cleanliness, quality, and accuracy.

Meanwhile, DS Core ordering portal provides dentists an easy-access solution to outsource the digital denture design to their skilled partner labs.

“For me, the benefits of the Lucitone Digital Print denture system are the strength of the product itself, and the denture base, which exceeds our regular standards and is amazing. Now seeing what I’ve seen with the Primeprint – it’s really going to revolutionize that workflow,” says Jonathan Verroche, denturist from Canada.

For more information please visit: Primeprint™ Solution.

X-Smart Pro+ endodontic motor with integrated apex locator from Dentsply Sirona: the best partner for the files

Dentsply Sirona launches the new X-Smart Pro+ endodontic motor that will replace X-Smart Plus and VDW.Gold motors. The powerful X-Smart Pro+ portable motor is designed to optimize the performances of both Dentsply Sirona and VDW’s endodontic file systems, including ProTaper Ultimate, WaveOne Gold, TruNatomy as well as VDW.ROTATE and RECIPROC. With an integrated apex locator and Dynamic Accuracy technology, the motor delivers optimal performance in both rotary and reciprocating modes – delivering up to 7.5 Ncm and 3,000 rpm. Users of Maillefer’s X-Smart motor line, as well as VDW.Gold users will both find X-Smart Pro+ familiar thanks to some specific elements inspired by both Maillefer and VDW motors. The X-Smart Pro+ Motor will be available from 15th January 2024.

The X-Smart Pro+ is a reliable and robust motor that has portable convenience with the power and functions of a tabletop unit. The motor is designed to streamline workflows, with enough battery power to support a full day of endodontic work.

Responsive control and efficient precision

Fig. 2: Dynamic Accuracy Technology allows for efficient precision and safety

Unlike the periodic feedback of brush and sensor-based motor control, the X-Smart Pro+ features a patented sensor less system for 360° speed and torque feedback, enabling quicker reaction times for stable file settings.

X-Smart Pro+ reaches the apex in reciprocating motion an average of 21% faster than its competitors and 14% faster in continuous rotary motion[i]. The more stable file control provides a more predictable shaping experience.

Dynamic Accuracy™ technology enables direct length measurement during active shaping with the automatic auto-reverse function to keep the file on the desired target. The same accuracy[ii] is achieved in length measurement during reprocessing as with a conventional manual measurement method with the hand file.

“The X-Smart Pro+ with integrated apex locator helps me organize my table and simplify my workflow,” said Dr. Laura Andriukaitiene, endodontist from Lithuania. “It makes my workflow smoother with less transitions. And when I pair it with my preferred sequence, ProTaper Ultimate, I can use the slider for the initial route, canal scouting and gain working length, creating a glide path. It is optimal that the apex locator is integrated and we can use the slider directly.”

The X-Smart Pro+ provides superior visibility and access, with a 10-lumen integrated LED, a mini contra-angle with a 360° adjustable position, and a fully autoclavable handpiece sheath. The large 7-inch easy-to-clean touchscreen interface includes a full file library of preset settings for Dentsply Sirona and VDW files, and up to 30 customizable file sequences. The file library can be easily upgraded to accommodate future file systems. Meanwhile, the ergonomic design allows for enhanced comfort, while the removable and autoclavable handpiece metal sheath reduces waste and complies with the latest infection control guidelines.

Better together

Fig. 3: The new TruNatomy Large file for reprocessing larger anatomies.

Dentsply Sirona and VDW’s endodontic file systems perform significantly better[iii]3 when paired with the X-Smart Pro+ motor:

  • For our reciprocating file systems WaveOne Gold, Reciproc Blue and Reciproc: X-Smart Pro+ delivers the genuine and fine-tuned reciprocating motion, with precise angulation, acceleration, and speed for simplicity, safety, and reliability.
  • For our continuous rotation files systems: X-Smart Pro+ delivers dedicated power and torque for optimal performance across a full range of anatomies with ProTaper Ultimate and VDW.ROTATE files. For TruNatomy: X-Smart Pro+ delivers constant, stable speed control at low torque to improve procedural control, supporting structural dentin preservation. With TruNatomy Large coming soon, this family is growing to include a new file to preserve dentin even in larger anatomies.

The perfect partner for the file

“Dentsply Sirona and VDW have always gone above and beyond to address the needs of customers, with simple and effective solutions that dental professionals can rely on,” said Mathias Kraus, Vice President Global Endodontics Solutions at Dentsply Sirona. “With the X-Smart Pro+ motor, dental professionals can focus on the procedure, not the tool, with full confidence that both performance and safety are optimized when paired with our endo files. We are committed to deliver solutions for best clinical results and maximized patient safety.”

A move towards a more integrated offer

X-Smart Pro+ is the first device of the Dentsply Sirona endodontic range that is common for both DS and VDW. Synergies between the two brands will continue as VDW will progressively integrate the Dentsply Sirona Endodontic offering as had Maillefer in the past. With the support of Maillefer and VDW, DS combines the endodontic experience of two trusted and leading brands, so clinicians can advance their endodontic performances with confidence. 


[i] Internal data on file, contact:

[ii] Variation less than 1%

[iii] Compared to most leading competitor motors using ProTaper Ultimate and WaveOne Gold files. Internal data on file, contact details:

The Probe Dental Podcast Presents: SureSmile® Clear Aligners: a promising addition to my ortho-restorative practice

Shiraz Khan, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist at the London Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry

In this Dentsply Sirona podcast, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist, Shiraz Khan talks about his use of the SureSmile® Clear Aligner System and how it fits into his ortho-restorative practice at the London Centre for Implant and Aesthetic Dentistry. Find out why he thinks correct tooth positioning plays an essential part in composite restorations and how he got started with SureSmile.

Listen here as well as on all major podcast platforms, including Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify and more:


SureSmile celebrates 1,000,000 patients

One million patients around the world have now benefitted from treatment with SureSmile Technology. Dentsply Sirona is celebrating this significant milestone by saying thank you to the patients, doctors, partners, and employees around the world who have been a part of the SureSmile journey so far, while continuing its mission to improve oral healthcare and the treatment of malocclusion around the world.  

With SureSmile Aligners, patients and practices around the world have been able to rely on predictable results, expert support, and a better treatment experience along the clear aligner journey.

SureSmile has empowered doctors worldwide to provide a higher standard of care in the treatment of malocclusion. With no refinements required in 3 out of 4 SureSmile cases*, refinement rate is a huge advantage in ensuring better patient outcomes and transforming smiles with unparalleled precision.

“We know that a happy and healthy smile can improve someone’s confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being,” said Erania Brackett, Senior Vice President, Orthodontic Aligner Solutions and Customer Experience, at Dentsply Sirona. “Thank you to our employees, our partners, and the thousands of doctors around the world for the hours of dedication and personalized care you have given to SureSmile patients – all one million of them. At Dentsply Sirona, oral health is both a science and an art. d We have our sights set firmly on the future as we continue to transform the treatment of malocclusion and enable dental professionals to move forward with confidence to deliver the best possible care for their patients.”

For more information about SureSmile® Aligners, visit:

* Based on an internal analysis in excess of 100,000 global SureSmile® aligner cases conducted between Jan. 2019 – Dec. 2021. Data on File.

Due to the different approval and registration times, not all technologies and products are immediately available in all countries.