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  Posted by: The Probe      11th June 2019

“I have attended BACD events in the past, including the Annual Conference and several Recommended Meetings,” says dental student, Rahul Kalia. “BACD Young Dentist Day provided a great opportunity to attend an event tailored for newly qualified practitioners. The presentations delivered on the day covered a broad range of clinical and non-clinical aspects of cosmetic dentistry. The speakers were all extremely enthusiastic, engaging and approachable.

“The event definitely exceeded my expectations. Exploring the effects of social media as a marketing tool was particularly useful and something I hadn’t thought too much on before. As a result of my experience at Young Dentists Day, I have gained a better understanding of composite bonding and have thus changed my own technique. For instance, I have altered the duration for which I etch and rinse for.

“The best aspect of Young Dentists Day was being able to meet like-minded individuals at a similar stage as me within their careers. It was great to be able to interact with people who are only a few years older than myself, as they were able to discuss what they had learnt in the time since they became qualified as dentists.

“I would definitely recommend Young Dentists Day to those at very early stages within their dental career. The event offers an invaluable opportunity to meet fellow practitioners, but also provides further clarity on the benefits of BACD membership.”


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