Straumann Group Diploma in Clear Aligner Orthodontics

The Straumann Group is partnering with Healthcare Skills International Ltd to create the Diploma in Clear Aligner Orthodontics, to help enhance customer service and support.

This qualification will be accredited by EduQual, the Government Awarding body, and will be internationally recognised. As such, those who qualify will be able to take their skills with them around the world. The training will be a crucial tool in improving customer education and service. Those who qualify will be able to discuss treatment solutions at a much deeper, more personal level, strengthening their professional relationships with clinicians and improving their ability to both sell products and support their clients. The training and diploma will be available to every employee of the Straumann Group. Richard Beaumont, Straumann Orthodontic Sales Effectiveness and Training Lead, said:

“At the Straumann Group, our colleagues will have this opportunity to develop their orthodontic communication skills. This new qualification will give the team who support orthodontists and general dentists the opportunity to have their expertise recognised.”

A competency-based training programme, supplemented by elearning and formal assessments will need to be completed by Straumann Group professionals undertaking the diploma, and they will receive support from expert mentors and the clinical education team. This represents a clear commitment from the Straumann Group to invest further in the skills and capabilities of relevant team members to serve customers and contribute to positive patient outcomes. By providing an accredited and recognised qualification, our colleagues can support clinicians effectively in their quest to achieve exceptional treatment outcomes.

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Accredited training for clear aligners

The Straumann Group is partnering with Healthcare Skills International Ltd to deliver the Diploma in Clear Aligner Orthodontics to Straumann Group employees.

Accredited by EduQual, the Government Awarding body and internationally recognised, the training will help colleagues enhance customer service and support. Communication is a vital aspect of treatment, and the training and diploma will be available to every employee of the Straumann Group, helping them to discuss products and treatment options with clinicians on a much deeper level.

The Straumann Group is committed to investing further in the skills and capabilities of relevant team members, to serve customers and contribute to client satisfaction and positive treatment outcomes.  

Richard Beaumont, Straumann Orthodontic Sales Effectiveness and Training Lead, said: “At the Straumann Group, our colleagues will have this opportunity to develop their orthodontic communication skills. This new qualification will give the team who support orthodontists and general dentists the opportunity to have their expertise recognised.”

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Elevating ClearCorrect® Excellence conference – Millennium Point in Birmingham on the 23rd June

A part of the Straumann Group, ClearCorrect® is your trusted partner in orthodontics. Drawing on a 60-year legacy of research and innovation, ClearCorrect® has created the ultimate aligner experience for both clinicians and patients. The team supports you from beginning to end, streamlining your workflow and helping you to deliver excellent results. This also ensures you are able to help your patients achieve healthy and confident smiles.

Not only can you expect industry-leading aligners, designed to retain 10x more of their initial force than competitors,[i] but ClearCorrect® provides users with ongoing service and support, useful digital treatment planning software, and opportunities for comprehensive continuous education.

‘Elevating ClearCorrect® Excellence’

ClearCorrect® is looking forward to their first ever UK clinical event, ‘Elevating ClearCorrect® Excellence’. The conference aims to provide delegates with a deeper insight into the world of ClearCorrect®, and the benefits of offering this trusted treatment type to your patients.

The event will be held at the Millennium Point in Birmingham on the 23rd June, and delegates can expect enriching sessions led by great speakers. Formerly the first IMAX in the region, the auditorium is the perfect setting for an immersive experience for all delegates – allowing them to gain insight into all the latest developments in orthodontics.

With sessions including ‘Taking Aligner Therapy to the Next level with ClearCorrect’ from Dr Rebecca Komischke, as well as a focus on the patient journey from Dr Prav Solanki, and a clinical protocols session led by Dr Rob Wood and Dr Kim Ganga-Raju, delegates can expect a well-rounded educational experience.

Dr Rob Wood

This is a fantastic opportunity for those new to the system to get to know ClearCorrect®, and all it has to offer, as well as for existing users to understand how to get the most out of working with ClearCorrect®. Delegates can also visit the exhibition to gain knowledge about the range of intraoral scanners and other digital solutions available, in addition to the educational resources from the Straumann Group, as well as the latest ClearCorrect® innovations.

By attending the ‘Elevating ClearCorrect® Excellence’ conference, delegates will be able to gain important insights into recent and ongoing developments in the profession, as well as network with their peers. In addition to this, the exhibition provides a great opportunity to see the latest equipment available, enjoy demonstrations, and ask any questions to enable delegates to invest in equipment with confidence.

Why choose to provide ClearCorrect® aligners?

ClearCorrect® is committed to providing clinicians with the tools they need to produce excellent results. This commitment is demonstrated in the design of the ClearCorrect® clear aligner. Not only does the ClearQuartz™ material allow the aligners to retain their shape throughout the entire wear time,[ii] but the high, flat trimline, which is characteristic of ClearCorrect® aligners, has been clinically proven to optimise force transmission. This results in more accurate tooth movement and enhanced root control.[iii]

Additionally, ClearCorrect® providers are able to benefit from the associated digital workflow. Digital solutions make the orthodontic treatment process seamless from beginning to end, with the capability to easily connect to your favourite intraoral scanners including Virtuo Vivo™ and 3Shape® TRIOS™. This open and integrated platform means that users are able to work seamlessly and begin cases more quickly.

ClearPilot™ 6.0, the intuitive treatment planning tool provides control and flexibility, making it simple to customise aligner treatment to the unique needs of each patient. The ClearCorrect® digital workflow also allows you and your patients to visualise potential treatment outcomes, helping to encourage patient engagement.

In addition, ClearCorrect® prioritises the patient experience. This is why the ClearQuartz™ tri-layer material applies 1/3 less initial force,[iv] for enhanced comfort, and is more stain resistant than other leading aligner providers.[v]

Dentists who provide ClearCorrect® aligner treatment in their practice understand its benefits. They know that they can trust ClearCorrect® aligners, software, and services to help them provide their patients with results that they love. So, whether you have used ClearCorrect® aligners for years, or are looking to start providing them, come along to the ‘Elevating ClearCorrect® Excellence’ conference this June to discover all that ClearCorrect® can do for you and your patients.

For more information and to register for the Elevating ClearCorrect® Excellence Conference, visit:


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Enhance your role with Straumann

The Treatment & Implant Co-ordinator Day Course, supported by Straumann, demonstrates how best to implement treatment co-ordination in the dental implant clinic to provide patients with the best possible experience. Course presenter Laura Horton says:

“This one-day event provides delegates with unique content which aims to support the development and the full utilisation of the treatment co-ordinator role within a dental implant clinic. The course is suitable for treatment co-ordinators, managers, and dentists who want their dental implant clinic to excel. While ideal for both clinical and non-clinical team members, delegates should have advanced knowledge of dental implant procedures in their clinic to fully appreciate the course content.

“The focus is purely on treatment co-ordination in implant dentistry. This course will support treatment co-ordinators who are starting out or are wanting to expand their role within the clinic. The day is broken down into clinical and non-clinical aspects of the coordinator role, allowing all delegates to leave with a 90-day action plan to support the development of their role within their implant clinic.

“The day covers the systemisation of the role, alongside communication skills that treatment co-ordinators need to make their role a success and support patient consent and education.

“It’s a one-day development programme that is designed to not only support the treatment co-ordinators, but also the needs of the business and the patient experience. It enables clinics to develop their processes which will then be embedded into their services in the long-term.

“The course is presented by Leanna Best and myself – we have worked in every level of implant dentistry as treatment co-ordinators and dental nurses, so we truly understand the best way forward when it comes to enhancing the role. We offer delegates a huge number of learning outcomes and are more than happy to support them by answering any detailed questions they have which might support them when they return to their clinics.”

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Oral-B and Straumann partner on a landmark alliance for scientific education

To improve the periodontal and peri-implant health of patients worldwide

Oral-B and Straumann, two of the world’s leading oral care companies, are proud to announce a new global alliance whose purpose is to elevate the importance of prevention in periodontal and peri-implant health. The alliance will set new standards in quality scientific education for dental professionals and help their patients achieve better long-term outcomes.

The Oral-B Straumann alliance has a long-term goal of delivering a holistic program of scientific events, professional courses, webinars and publications, co-created with and delivered by the world’s leading experts and thought leaders in dentistry.

The alliance was launched on 17th June 2022 with a Sponsored Scientific Session at  EuroPerio10 Copenhagen – the world’s leading congress in periodontology and implant dentistry – where both companies also presented their recent innovations for periodontal and peri-implant patients: Straumann Biomaterials solutions ranging from enhanced wound healing and bone regeneration to soft-tissue management and wound care and Oral-B iO Specialized Clean brush head, Oral-B iO10 & iOsense to empower patients in effective self-care.

“As patients around the world invest in dental implants, they need to recognize that self-care around implants is just as important as around their natural teeth. The Oral-B/Straumann Alliance will play an important role in enabling ongoing dialogue between dental professionals and their patients so both understand the most up to date science on prevention of implant-related diseases and promotion of periodontal health”, says J. Leslie Winston, Vice President, Global Health Care R&D, Procter & Gamble.

Ari Zucker, Vice President, Global Head of Biomaterials, Straumann Group, adds: “Prevention of tooth or implant loss is for many years an important topic for us in the Straumann Group. As one of the world’s leading dental implant companies, we work closely with experts from the research and clinical fields to address the issues caused by peri-implantitis and periodontitis. The Alliance with Oral-B complements our efforts and offers a solid ground for further scientific and educational activities that will enable more dental professionals to improve their patients’ lives.”

Oral-B & Straumann Alliance: Partnering to Amplify the Importance of Prevention

The vision for the Oral-B Straumann Alliance is ambitious: an unwavering commitment to amplifying the importance of prevention through scientific education, helping dental professionals and their implant and periodontal patients achieve better outcomes.

Starting with the Sponsored Scientific Session at Europerio10 in Copenhagen on 17th June 2022, the alliance will be rolled out over a series of scientific exchange activities that include a forthcoming scientific symposium at the American Academy of Periodontology annual meeting in October 2022, as well as continuing education courses, webinars and publications- all developed with and delivered by the world’s leading experts and thought leaders- focusing on the importance of preventive clinical and self-care for the life cycle of the implant and general periodontal health.

The Sponsored Scientific Session “Limiting periodontal and peri-implant diseases during and beyond the pandemic: from the chair to self-care.” was presented at Europerio10 by Dr. Martina Stefanini (University of Bologna), Prof Giorgio Pagni (University of Milan) and Prof Filippo Graziani (University of Pisa). Reflecting on the importance and potential impact of the Oral-B Straumann alliance, Prof Graziani remarked:“I strongly believe that with the changes in the society and patients’ behaviors it is fundamental to provide a large array of solutions for general health. There are so many opportunities that any patient may get confused by the plethora of products and indications. Thus, this alliance should be cherished in order to simplify the life of our patients and provide additional benefits for their health.”

Periodontal Disease: the #1 cause of tooth loss

Tooth loss is a major global oral health concern: 69 % of 35-44-year-olds in the US have lost at least one permanent tooth[1] while in Europe 30 % of 65-74-year-olds have no natural teeth left[2]. With periodontal disease being the number one cause of tooth loss in adults-and prevalent in up to 50 % of the global adult population- its impacts can have a detrimental effect on the quality of a patient’s life, with a growing volume of scientific evidence that consistently highlights the association between periodontal disease and a number of systemic conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.[3]

The economic impacts of periodontal disease (both on the individual and society as a whole) are no less significant: A single tooth implant costs 2,000-5,000 euros and to protect their investment, patients must be educated on how to remove plaque (the dominant risk factor for oral disease) and prevent periodontal & peri-implant diseases, with dental professionals playing a central role in this process.

Prevention Pays Off

Studies show that the removal of 80-85 % of oral biofilm twice a day as part of a patient’s self-care routine can maintain oral and implant health.[4] And as we emerge from the pandemic prevention of periodontal disease is more important now than ever, with recent research finding that Covid-19 patients with periodontitis are 3.5x more likely to be admitted to intensive care and 9x more likely to die than Covid-19 patients with healthy gums.[5] Beyond the significant personal benefit to the patient, recent studies have also shown that eliminating the burden of gingivitis and increasing the diagnosis and treatment rate of periodontitis to 90% in 6 European countries shows a positive return on investment for society over a 10-year period.[6]

Trusted Science, Trusted Brands, Indispensable Partners for Dental Professionals

Both Oral-B & Straumann are innovation leaders in their respective fields: the former with its range of proven personal oral hygiene products -the #1 dentist recommended brand worldwide- and the latter as the world-leading brand for confidence in esthetic dentistry and a gold standard in implantology. With their extensive portfolios of breakthrough oral care products and biomaterials, Oral-B and Straumann will support the launch of the alliance by presenting to dental professionals an upcoming range of new innovations for successful patient outcomes:

Oral-B iO Specialized Clean Brush Head: Brushing personalized to the needs of Implant Patients

The highly anticipated Specialized Clean brush head-with its distinctive bristle field designed with dental professionals exclusively for the Oral-B iO series of electric rechargeable toothbrushes- combines oscillation-rotation with the gentle energy of microvibrations to effectively reach and clean around implant restorations and other hard-to-reach areas that require special focus.

Findings from a recent case study of implant patients who used the Oral-B iO9 round brush heads together with the Specialized Clean brush head showed a 62.7 % reduction in plaque 8 weeks after switching to iO from their regular toothbrush; in line with previously published research showing the superior oral hygiene benefits in favour of Oral-B iO versus a manual toothbrush. In a recent study, 3 times more patients with swollen gums who used Oral-B iO were categorized as generally healthy over an 8-week period compared to those patients using a manual toothbrush.[7]

Oral-B iO10 with iOsense: Technology for better self-care

Launching in September 2022, Oral-B iO10 with iOsense offers real-time coaching via Artificial Intelligence and the Oral-B app, making it even simpler to establish good oral hygiene habits without the need to bring your phone into the bathroom. The iOsense™ Smart Charger personalizes your clean with live coaching to guide how, when and where you brush by providing real-time feedback on your brushing via the LEDs built into the charger, ensuring the user brushes thoroughly, with optimal pressure and for the dental professional recommended duration.  

Research shows a positive correlation between app usage and improved oral hygiene.[8] And a recent analysis of 16.7 million anonymized real world brushing sessions using the Oral-B app and Oral-B® smart-connected oscillating-rotating toothbrushes found that real-time feedback using Position Detection resulted in:[9]

  • Excellent brushing thoroughness: with an average of 94% of brushing zones covered and with 8 out of 10 brushing sessions producing complete coverage.
  • Longer Brushing: Brushing sessions with real-time app feedback lasted on average 2m43s, 21.6 % longer than brushing sessions without the app and helping users ensure they brush for the dental professional recommended 2 minutes. With the average brushing session with a manual toothbrush reported to be just 46 seconds long there has never been a better time adopt interactive brush technology to help establish better brushing behaviors.

Straumann Biomaterials: proven technologies to help dental professionals set their patients up for success

Equally significant is the contribution to dentistry by Straumann, a global leader in the field of dental implants and an important player in the biomaterials market. Offering the industry’s most comprehensive biomaterials portfolio, Straumann provides dental professionals with a unique range in oral regeneration that covers a large range of indications, from enhanced wound healing and bone regeneration to soft-tissue management and wound care:

  • Straumann® Emdogain®: a unique gel containing enamel matrix derivative with an impressive scientifical background of over 1000 publications[10], including multiple 10-year follow-up studies[11], and over 25 years of clinical experience. Based on its success and thanks to a new, shorter, and thinner applicator, Emdogain® FL can now be applied by specialists, general practitioners, and dental hygienists in a flapless approach connected to the hygiene phase of the periodontal treatment.[12]
  • Jason® membrane – a pericardium-based collagen membrane with a long barrier function, tensile strength, and easy handling.[13],[14]
  • Straumann® XenoGraft – an easy-to-handle bovine bone graft that provides long-term volume stability.
  • Labrida BioCleanTM – a proven solution for effective debridement of teeth and dental implant surfaces as part of maintenance or treatment protocols provided by specialists, general practitioners, and even dental hygienists.[15],[16]


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Straumann Charity Bike Ride 2022: fundraising for Dentaid

The Straumann Charity Bike Ride 2022 is fundraising for Dentaid – a fantastic charity that supports vulnerable people with access to essential dental care. Ahmed Mahammed will be taking part and he says:

“My experience of the last Straumann Charity Bike Ride was amazing. It was my first year of riding a bike and I wanted to challenge myself as well as raise money for a charity. I had never cycled more than 50km in one day and I signed myself to do 150km a day for 5 days. It was a challenge physically and mentally, but I was proud that I pushed through the pain/tiredness and flat tyres!

“The last few years have been difficult with the pandemic. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could still do it, being older and a bit more experienced as a cyclist. I also wanted to raise money for Dentaid and help ease the life of the less privileged in some way. 

“I have been preparing by eating lots of food and watching lots of cycling shows on my indoor bike. Fingers crossed this works and my knees hold up with all the hills in Spain! I have confidence in all the people I know to help me raise some great donations for the charity. 

“I think it is important to involve people around you to be part of your challenges and dreams. I hope that promoting the amazing charity work Dentaid carries out will inspire people to donate!”

Any donations are very welcome and most appreciated at Dentists in Lycra 2022 fundraising for Dentaid Ltd on JustGiving if you are able to show your support!

For more details , please speak to your local Straumann representative, visit:

#TimeForPatientJourney – 1st – 2nd December 2021

Straumann is delighted to present “Time For Patient Journey”, an event that puts patients at centre stage of implant treatment. The interactive programme will encourage a multi-disciplinary and team approach to optimise both treatment outcomes and the patient experience.

A broad range of relevant topics will be covered by outstanding global speakers including Eirik Salvesen, Steven Bongard, Donna Sadler, Hugo Madeira, Shakeel Shahdad, and many more!

Why attend?

  • It’s the first virtual event dedicated to practice management.
  • The whole dental team is invited.
  • We provide a new, innovative environment with valuable additional content to view and download.
  • Different formats: short lectures, collection of KOL testimonials, presence of patients and more!
  • Delegates can gain tips and tricks to design their own customised patient journey.
  • 16 world renowned speakers will share their expertise on clinical and practice management topics.

For more details and to book, visit the website or contact the Straumann team!

Building a confident future

Though the past 18 months may have tested our resolve, the future still looks bright for dentistry. Within the implant field, individuals and companies continue to innovate in order to make treatment more accessible to more patients, with ever-more exceptional and predictable outcomes. The ITI Congress UK & Ireland this October will provide an excellent opportunity to discover the latest concepts and technologies in the area and build your confidence, with a dynamic programme, internationally-renowned speaker line-up and the chance to network with colleagues from across the profession.

Dr Charlotte Stilwell

Dr Charlotte Stilwell, President of the ITI and a renowned implant clinician, summarises why this year’s event is entitled “Future Proof”:

“The theme of this Congress – ‘Future Proof’ – is important, not only in implant dentistry, but within wider dentistry. It’s also very topical in my own practice. I have been fortunate enough to provide continuous care for a number of patients through my 30 years in practice, so I have had opportunity to observe first-hand how their dental needs have changed as they’ve aged. It is clear to me that we ‘manage’ their oral health, we don’t cure them. It’s crucial, therefore, to think ahead. How will the options available to the patient in the future be impacted by the treatment you are considering now? Whatever we put together, we should also be able to take apart and do again in a different way. With forward planning this is absolutely possible for implants and their superstructures. As clinicians, we need to consider how flexible, as well as predictable and durable, we can design implant therapy for the individual patient. This requires a patient-centred approach to be sure the designs are applicable to their circumstances.”


Dr Eoin O’Sullivan

Dr Eoin O’Sullivan, Fellow of the ITI and Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee for the ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021, adds:

“We have gathered some of the greatest speakers and innovators in implant dentistry to give an evidenced-based review of where we stand in implantology today. They will present the latest developments and innovations in the market, based on current research. It is a very strong programme that has been designed to appeal to professionals who are both experienced and inexperienced in implant dentistry.

“My hope is that delegates will come away from the Congress fully updated on different areas of implant dentistry and they will be inspired to adopt some of the new approaches in their practices.”

Among the eclectic speakers in the main programme will be Dr Robert Oretti, who will present “Demystifying the implant abutment for successful clinical outcomes: clinician’s viewpoint”. About his session he says:

“My presentation will attempt to demystify the implant abutment from a clinical perspective and how to achieve successful clinical outcomes, whilst the rest of the morning will focus on the implant abutment from a technician’s and digital point of view.

“This promises to be an exciting and highly engaging session to help clinicians and technicians analyse and choose between a vast array of abutment choices that are at their disposal for any one case that is being treated. This should prove to be an involving format for delegates to enjoy, generating discussion and offering insight into how cases can be treated from a prosthetic viewpoint. The ITI has created a very stimulating Congress for the whole dental team. This is the one conference not to be missed.”

Dr Andrew Legg

Another highly-anticipated speaker is Dr Andrew Legg, who offers some insights into his session entitled “Immediate full arch reconstruction for clinicians and patients”:

“I will be covering aspects of full arch reconstruction with dental implants and what options are available to clinicians and patients. We will then focus on immediate full arch reconstruction and discuss how these treatment modalities affect patients’ quality of life.

“I will highlight key points in terms of patient selection and execution of treatment, as well as look at the factors that can help increase patient quality of life scores throughout their treatment. I would hope delegates will be better informed on how to assess their patients for the different treatment options available for full arch reconstruction. I also hope delegates better understand how to select and treat patients who wish to have immediate full arch reconstruction.”

In addition to the comprehensive educational programme, the event will also provide a fantastic opportunity to network, catch up with friends and enjoy time with colleagues in-person once again. The Straumann Party is legendary – yet another reason not to miss out!

Time is fast running out to book your place. To make the most of this chance to develop your skills, build your confidence and secure a bright future in dental implantology, register for the ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021 online today!

ITI Congress UK & Ireland 2021
Partnered by Straumann
October 1-2 2021, Edinburgh

For more information, or to register for your place, please visit

First UK ZAGA Proficient Course Launched

The ZAGA Centre Manchester is delighted to be hosting the inaugural ZAGA Proficient Course in the UK, delivered in collaboration with Dr Carlos Aparicio – the creator of the ZAGA-Straumann Zygomatic system.

The intensive 3-day programme teaches the evidence-based techniques, materials and protocols of the ZAGA method, which is designed to provide predictable long-term results with zygomatic implants. Delegates will explore the opportunities, benefits and limitations of the method, gaining hands-on experience with the Straumann ZAGA implants and learning related prosthetic rehabilitation and immediate loading of quad zygomatic implant treatment.

The course is presented by some of the most experienced clinicians in the field. In addition to Dr Carlos Aparicio, delegates will learn from Dr Rubén Davó – one of the most renowned zygomatic implant experts around the world – and Professor Cemal Ucer – Specialist Oral Surgeon and director of the Centre for Oral and Maxillofacial Dental Implant Reconstruction and ZAGA Centre Manchester.

Book your place today at

Straumann Group ensures MHRA compliance

Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is now the UK’s standalone medicines and medical device regulator. This means that any Medical Devices imported to and sold within the UK must comply and be registered with the MHRA.

Regulatory compliance and quality assurance have always been priorities for the Straumann Group and, as such, Straumann UK has been appointed as the UK Responsible Person and will act on behalf of all Straumann Group companies in this capacity.

Straumann UK is pleased to have completed all the necessary registrations for Straumann Group products, including Straumann, Anthogyr, Neodent, ClearCorrect, Createch, Medentika, Valoc and Dental Wings.

Steve Booth, Managing Director of Straumann UK, comments: “The Straumann Group remains committed to the highest industry standards here in the UK and around the world. We appreciate the on-going trust our customers put in us to deliver effective, safe and compliant solutions, so we remain vigilant of any industry changes that may impact our product portfolio or our customers. This is just one way in which we stay at the cutting-edge of the global dental profession.”

For more information on the products and services available from the Straumann Group, please visit