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Tif Qureshi to discuss ortho-restorative aligner planning at BACD Annual Conference

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  Posted by: Dental Design      18th October 2023

Dr Tif Qureshi will be among the speakers at the highly-anticipated BACD Annual Conference 2023 this November. He will present a hands-on workshop as part of the young dentist’s stream entitled “Ortho-restorative aligner planning for the lifetime patient”. He says:

“There are several challenges for young dentists when it comes to managing ortho-restorative aligner planning. Firstly, if you haven’t seen patients over a long period, you may not yet really understand the huge benefits of ortho-restorative treatment and maintenance. Focusing on the long-term advantages in a time of ‘short-term quick fix’ gains, is rarely considered. This long-term approach is not taught widely and ortho-restorative changes are rarely monitored in normal check-ups. 

“Therefore, if you really want to understand dental longevity, it’s important to understand how teeth change and this should be communicated with patients over time. 

“If delegates gain only one thing from my lecture, I hope it’s how to change your everyday check-up forever! You will end up treating way more people who are your own patients, rather than having to market for new patients and take the associated risks. 

“Our session will help clinicians using any aligner system to achieve better outcomes but also understand the difference that design of aligner can make to the predictability of outcomes.”

BACD 19th Annual Conference 2023

New Horizons

9-11 November

IET Savoy Place, London

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