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The highly-anticipated dental event of the year

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  Posted by: Dental Design      16th October 2023

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) welcomes you to the 19th Annual Conference, titled “New Horizons”. Come together with peers from across the breadth of the profession to network, socialise, broaden your knowledge and see some big names take to the stage. Last year was an exceptional event: hundreds of dental professionals had the chance to see what the BACD had to offer. This year, there is yet another impressive line-up of speakers, alongside plenty more to see and do.

A line-up worth shouting about 

BACD events are a wonderful opportunity for professionals to take full advantage of the BACD’s dedication to clinical excellence. A range of talented, world-renowned speakers have once again been invited to share their knowledge on some pertinent topics within the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. 

The BACD is delighted to invite Dr Lincoln Harris as the headline speaker of this year’s event: an exceptional teacher, lecturer and dentist, Lincoln will present a hands-on workshop and full-day lecture, covering various topics that you won’t want to miss. Hands-on workshops allow you to roll up your sleeves and enjoy a different approach to learning – Lincoln’s session, “Advanced treatment planning bootcamp’”, will cover vital topics pertaining to successful treatment planning. In the full-day lecture, “Building aesthetic foundations”, Lincoln will cover all of those questions and ponderings so relevant to the profession at the moment: namely, achieving beautiful outcomes and managing expectations. He comments:

“There is an artificial expectation among some patients about what their smile could look like and while sometimes you can achieve it, other times you need to make it clear that their ambitions are not realistic.

“You want to have all the difficult discussions and ensure the patient understands every possible outcome before you start work. It better prepares the patient and helps to prevent them from feeling disappointed should a complication arise. They also understand what results to expect.”

Another exceptional speaker this year is Dr Łukasz Lassmann, a co-founder and head of the medical team of Dental Sense in Poland and Norway. He is also a board member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, with over 10 years of experience in his field. Łukasz will be hosting a hands-on workshop and lecture, providing fascinating insight into temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and full mouth reconstruction in complex cases. Łukasz shares what delegates can expect:

“In my workshop, I’ll be providing you with the valuable knowledge about function and dysfunction of TMJ. Then we’ll get hands-on: we’ll palpate the temporomandibular joint, checking the range of motion and other important concepts you need to know in order to avoid common troubles when performing reconstructive surgery. 

“The latter will be the topic of my lecture on Saturday, during which we’ll answer the question: why do patients damage their teeth? And how should we restore the biomechanically compromised teeth, all within a framework of interdisciplinary teamwork?”

Joining the ranks is Mr Ken Hughes, a renowned customer experience strategist who brings a different flavour to the mix at this year’s BACD Annual Conference. Ken will take to the stage and deliver his lecture, “From clinical to customer centricity”. Ken comments: 

“My session is going to be around customer experience, which is my passion. Understanding what customers want, what the modern values of consumerism are today and how you can link your brand and your business to those values – and succeed. Come to this session if you want to understand more about branding, marketing and retail, and how you can better build a business and utilise your digital strategy.”

For delegates keen to learn more about aligners and ortho-restorative care, be sure not to miss Dr Tif Qureshi’s hands-on workshop, as part of the young dentist’s stream. Tif is a Past President of the BACD and has a special interest in orthodontics and minimally invasive concepts. His session, “Ortho-restorative aligner planning for the lifetime of the patient”, will offer delegates everything they need to know about achieving better outcomes with aligner systems and long-term approaches to successful treatment. Tif says:

“There are several challenges for young dentists when it comes to managing ortho-restorative aligner planning. Focusing on the long-term advantages in a time of ‘short-term quick fix’ gains, is rarely considered. This long-term approach is not taught widely and ortho-restorative changes are rarely monitored in normal check-ups.

“If delegates gain only one thing from my lecture, I hope it’s how to change your everyday check-up forever! You will end up treating way more people who are your own patients, rather than having to market for new patients and take the associated risks.”

Make sure your place is booked today

The BACD Annual Conference always has something for everyone, with plenty of opportunities to socialise and broaden your network. And, of course, learn some invaluable knowledge that you can implement into your own clinical practise. 

Be sure to book your place – this year’s Conference is at the IET Savoy Place in London, on the 9-11 of November. We’ll see you all there!

BACD 19th Annual Conference 2023

New Horizons

9-11 November

IET Savoy Place, London

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