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Richard Coates to present at BACD Annual Conference 2023

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  Posted by: Dental Design      17th September 2023

Dr Richard Coates will be presenting a hands-on session at the BACD Annual Conference this November, entitled “Composite Veneers – Not for Dummies”. About his session (which will be repeated in the morning and afternoon on Thursday 9th November), Richard says:

“I’m going to teach to a masterclass level – this is slow dentistry to create the most perfect composite. In the course, you’ll learn very specific dental anatomy and how to create world-class anatomy for dental veneers. I’ll also teach the placement of multi-layered composite and how to place one single veneer on a tooth.

“We will cover world-class polishing techniques to emulate nature absolutely perfectly. I will teach multiple techniques that can be used for all composites, not just composite veneers. These techniques have helped me gain the BACD Accreditation and pass all the composite accreditation courses for the American Academy. I hope you’ll come along and see what you can do in a safe environment. I’ll see you in London in November!”

For more details about the programme and to register, visit the website today!

BACD 19th Annual Conference 2023

New Horizons

9-11 November

IET Savoy Place, London

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