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Global figurehead Dr Lincoln Harris at the BACD Annual Conference

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  Posted by: Dental Design      14th September 2023

BACD Annual Conference is renowned across the profession the calibre of its education and social events. This year the team is delighted to welcome Dr Lincoln Harris – a figurehead in the global dental community, a highly in-demand teacher, lecturer and clinician, and CEO of RipeGlobal – as the headline speaker.

He will be presenting a hands-on workshop – “Advanced treatment planning bootcamp” – on Thursday and running a full day lecture on Friday – “Building aesthetic foundations”. He says:

“Planning is incredibly important. It better prepares the patient and helps to prevent them from feeling disappointed should a complication arise. They also understand what results to expect.

“Never place any ceramics in the patient’s mouth unless you are 100% personally proud of them. It’s frustrating to send them back to the lab to be fixed, but it’s far more upsetting to remove 10 emax veneers and start a case again!

“The BACD has had such amazing speakers in the past that it is an amazing honour to be asked to present here – it’s also a little daunting! I am proud that RipeGlobal is a major sponsor of the event. I love London and the BACD dentists I’ve met so far seem super optimistic, upbeat and enthusiastic. I’m sure there is going to be an amazing vibe at the Conference.”

BACD 19th Annual Conference 2023

New Horizons

9-11 November

IET Savoy Place, London

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