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  Posted by: Dental Design      29th August 2023

How do you keep delivering exceptional dentistry in an ever-changing world? This is a question many of you may have asked yourselves over the past few years. The goalposts keep shifting, as you have faced one challenge after another. Though appetite for cosmetic dentistry remains high, some dentists are facing a growing challenge in motivating patients to invest in high-quality dentistry instead of less costly but sometimes more dangerous alternatives.

In late 2020, we heard about a boom in demand for cosmetic dentistry, fuelled by the hours people spent observing their smiles on screen, as they video-conferenced their way through the pandemic and beyond. Many dentists reported how they were busier than ever, delivering procedures like whitening and cosmetic bonding to individuals who wanted to invest in treatment to make them feel more confident, and look like the best version of themselves.

But there have been other, less positive themes. The cost-of-living crisis, a phrase that is now embedded into almost every area of UK life, first appeared in 2021 as the economy began its recovery from the impacts of Covid-19. In mid-2022, the Office for National Statistics was reporting how nearly 80 percent of adults were now worried about money.[i] By the end of that year, inflation had reached a record high and millions of households were having to tighten their budgets as prices for food, energy and petrol rocketed. Everyday goods, not just luxuries, became unaffordable for many people. In 2023, there has been ongoing industrial action across many public services, with workers walking out over conditions and pay. In the long term, experts do predict that inflation will fall, and possibly rapidly. But consumer confidence may take longer to come back.

The obvious impact on dentistry is that many people will have less money to spend on things that they consider inessential, like non-emergency dental treatments. For those who still want to invest, but not pay their local practice’s prices, they are shopping around and looking for cheaper options. There has been a notable increase in TV advertising of remote ‘direct’ dental services, specifically orthodontics. We have also seen evidence of how more patients than ever are going abroad for dentistry to save money and, in some cases, get treated quicker. ‘Turkey teeth’ is another phrase that’s now a known term, referring to the trend of travelling abroad for cosmetic work, generally crowns or veneers, but also things like whitening and even dental implants. Such is interest in the rise of dental tourism that the GDC has published guidance for patients, outlining the risks and what they can do to protect themselves if they make the decision to attend a clinic outside the UK.

If you are relatively new to the profession, the last few years are likely to have been a real baptism of fire. You may be questioning what you can offer, and the direction you have chosen to take. Or, you may have been practising for many years and become overwhelmed by the pace of change, both in and outside the industry. You may feel in need of inspiration, motivation and a foundation to anchor your dentistry – and career – to.

Exceptional dentists want to help as many people as they can, as comprehensively and ethically as possible. They also want to be lifelong learners, always current and on the cutting-edge. They want quality training that gives them the knowledge and practical skills to do more, with confidence. But how to achieve all this, in an ever-changing world?

Being part of a community has never been more crucial, as it allows dentists and other professionals to support one another, as well as share ideas and solutions. Those who are members of academies often credit their membership with keeping them inspired, grounded and successful. The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) is a leading authority in the UK on all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, and has among its number some of the leading practitioners in the field. As well as dentists of all levels of experience, dental hygienists, laboratory technicians and students are all welcome to contribute and access the BACD’s prestigious programme of education, events and networking opportunities. Over the past few years, its membership has continued to grow and provide a crucial centre point for anyone committed to the delivery of excellent, ethical dentistry and to raising standards of oral health for all.

The past few years have underlined the need for all dentists, and others, to have a focus and a strong foundation. Membership of a professional academy will give you support, friendship, skills, knowledge and inspiration. It will help you to stay true to your core values of ethical dentistry that is also good value, safe, beautiful and stable. It can give you integrity, so that patients trust you to take good care of them, and want to invest in the services you offer.

For further enquiries about the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry visit

Dr Simon Chard

BDS Hons (Lond, 2012), Bsc Hons Principa; Dentist GDC No. 228692

Dr Simon Chard BDS (Hons)BSc(Hons) qualified with Honours from King’s College London Dental Institute in 2012. In 2015 he was voted the best Young Dentist in London and also the overall Best Young Dentist in the UK at the prestigious Dentistry Awards.

Simon is very passionate about providing beautiful, healthy smiles for his patients and is a big promoter of using digital technology to simplify cosmetic and implant dentistry. further to this Simon is a director of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, helping to shape the future of cosmetic dentistry in the UK.

Dental education is something that is a major part of Simon’s professional career and he has dedicated thousands of hours to advanced training from the best dentist’s around the world. Further to this Simon regularly teaches other dentists in the topics of digital dentistry, dental photography and minimally invasive aesthetic dental techniques.

Simon comes from generations of dentists and works in private and mixed practice in London And Surrey.

Co-Founder PARLA toothpaste tabs

[i] Rising cost of living a worry for 77% of adults in Great Britain, says ONS. Guardian, 10 June 2022. Link: (accessed May 2023).

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