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BACD Accreditation: stay ahead in cosmetic dentistry

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  Posted by: Dental Design      9th May 2023

Members of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) can take their cosmetic dentistry skills to the next level by applying for the BACD Accreditation: a prestigious, industry-recognised accolade.

BACD Accreditation underpins the BACD’s mission to raise the profile of quality cosmetic dentistry, measuring registrants’ clinical ability to diagnose, plan and execute a range of core cosmetic dentistry case types to the highest standards. These include smile makeover, indirect shade matching, tooth replacement with natural gingival architecture, posterior aesthetics and complex direct composite bonding.

The Accreditation process is carefully structured to be manageable alongside day-to-day clinical practice. Submitted cases are real-life treatments that registrants have delivered to their patients; these are reviewed by accredited BACD members with expertise in the field.

BACD Accreditation can have a big impact on professional status and career development. Build your skills and steer your career in the right direction by joining the BACD and registering for Accreditation today.


The final registration submission deadline for BACD Accreditation 2023 is Thursday 7 September.

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