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Kemdent product proves a favourite once again

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  Posted by: The Probe      14th January 2022

Dorina Van Der Merwe from Schoenitz Dental Laboratory Ltd comments on the Anutex Modelling Wax she uses from Kemdent:

“Anutex is perfect for bite blocks due to its soft texture. You can also get a smooth finish as it flows easier than others. I really like Kemdent wax products compared to others on the market, they are my favourite.”

Kemdent offers an array of solutions designed to make everyday life in the laboratory that little bit quicker and easier. From modelling wax to acrylics, plaster, polishing discs, putty and special trays, we have all your essential needs covered.

Plus, our team is always on hand to provide advice and support whenever required, so you receive a service you can rely on. Find out more today.


For more information about Kemdent Anutex Modelling Wax, or any other market-leading solutions available, please visit or call 01793 770 256

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