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  Posted by: The Probe      8th April 2021

High-quality magnification equipment can be invaluable when it comes to enhancing dental workflows and improving the quality of treatment provided. Dr Daniel Caga explains why he was attracted to the EXTARO® 300 dental microscope from Nuview:

“Having worked with dental loupes since my undergraduate course and used the Zeiss EyeMag Pro 4.3x for the last 5 years, I have always appreciated and valued the importance of vision within clinical dentistry – not just in terms of improved optics but also posture. I enjoy endodontic work but have realised that sometimes, when treating more complex cases, even loupes have their limitations. This was where my interest in using a dental microscope came from.

“I have researched several different dental microscope manufacturers over the years. I also have several friends who use Zeiss microscopes and are very satisfied with them. In the past, dental exhibitions and events enabled me to experience various microscopes for myself. However, it was the EXTARO® 300 that always seemed to stand out and the scope I found the easiest to use. Naturally, when my practice owner agreed to purchase a scope for my surgery, I knew the EXTARO® 300 was the one to get.”

Dr Caga has worked closely with John Woods and the rest of the Nuview team for some time, having previously invested in EyeMag Pro loupes and, more recently, the Nuview Headband Visor.

“Nuview has always provided a reliable, high-quality service,” he says. “John, especially, has always been most welcoming with respect to discussing the scopes on offer. As such, there was only one company I intended to source the EXTARO® 300 from.

“The microscope itself offers fantastic optics, the likes of which I feel are unrivalled. As with Zeiss loupes, the vision from the EXTARO® 300 is crisp, and the actual layout and set up of the scope means it’s simple and effective to use. I appreciated spending time with John in my surgery learning how to set up and use each feature of the scope. I thought I would struggle to adapt to the different posture and ergonomics required to operate it, but this was not the case as I have incorporated it into most of my clinical procedures, from simple examinations to restorative work. In fact, I aim to complete most of my clinical work utilising the EXTARO® 300 now, which will benefit both my clinical outcomes and patients.

“The range of magnifications the microscope offers is fantastic and, alongside the varioscope, means making slight adjustments are straightforward. In particular, I’m really impressed with how easy it is to capture video footage with the scope in order to demonstrate clinical issues to my patients, who have also been amazed by this experience.

“Moreover, the ability to complete adhesive dentistry under the microscope utilising the TruLight Mode is remarkable. This mode still provides a fantastic working time with uncured composite. Additionally, the MORA interface enables the best ergonomic working position for each clinical situation. I’m impressed with how easy it is to adjust the position of the scope without the position of the eyepieces themselves being affected. The overall appearance of the EXTARO® 300 is also very smart and clinical, yet not overly bulky compared to other manufacturers.”

One of the greatest benefits of the EXTARO® 300 is that it is optimised to support workflows across a range of dental disciplines. Dr Caga says:

“With regard to patient education, for instance, I’ve been able to video record plaque and calculus build-up in hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, carious defective margins alongside both direct and indirect restorations, as well as cracks in coronal tooth structures during core replacement procedures. I’ve also been able to identify and illustrate pink spot lesions. Some of these lesions may be recorded within intraoral photographs, but it is simpler to record them through the EXTARO® 300 and play it back to the patient. I’ve even video recorded a lesion on the soft palate of a concerned patient and used this footage as a baseline for the review appointment.

“Patients have appreciated this documentation as it hits home that they have issues within their mouths they may not be able to see. I’ve already seen an uptake on various treatment options purely because of this ability to record clinical issues. Furthermore, the EXTARO® 300 has already improved aspects of my restorative dentistry, including caries removal, crown preparation refinements, as well as assisting in finding the second mesio-buccal canal in a tricky sclerosed upper right molar.

“My body loves the effect that the microscope is having on my posture – both my lower and upper back feel less stressed whilst I’m working with the EXTARO® 300. This is something that will, no doubt, extend my practising career. I now feel that working without a dental microscope would be taking a step backwards with my dentistry.”

Nuview prides itself on ensuring its clients maximise their investment, which is why the team offers comprehensive user training on the EXTARO® 300 – a feature of their outstanding service that is often very well received by clients.

“After Nuview had installed the EXTARO® 300 in my surgery, John stayed behind to train me on all aspects of its use,” says Dr Caga. “This included the various positions the microscope could be placed into so as to aid treatment. The training was very useful and appreciated. One of the great things about John and the Nuview team is that they are only a phone call or text message away and reply in good time. I’m confident that if I have a question about the EXTARO® 300, I can contact the team and they would assist me quickly.”

Reflecting on his overall experience with Nuview, Dr Caga adds: “I always back and promote Nuview because when you have a great relationship with a business – especially one that supports you in turn and provides an excellent service – you have no reason to look elsewhere. I highly recommend Nuview and the dental loupes and microscopes they offer, particularly the EXTARO® 300. In my opinion, this is the best dental microscope available on the market.

“I’d like to thank Nuview for supplying me with an EXTARO® 300. It is quite simply a fantastic piece of equipment that I’m very privileged to have in my armamentarium. I look forward to seeing what other beneficial effects it will have on my clinical work.”


For more information please call Nuview on 01453 872266, email, visit or ‘like’ Nuview on Facebook.

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