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DDU survey finds majority of dental professionals believe stress and anxiety levels have increased


  Posted by: The Probe      1st July 2020

New research published by the Dental Defence Union (DDU) has found that 68% of dental professionals surveyed feel that their stress and anxiety levels have increased since the pandemic. The DDU surveyed 224 members and also found that:

  • 67% feel stressed/anxious on a weekly basis
  • 52% feel they are unable to spend adequate time with patients
  • 47% often go to work when they don’t feel well
  • 49% feel they are unable to do their jobs effectively

Of those surveyed, the DDU discovered that 72% of respondents believe that they are making a positive difference to the lives of their patients. Also, the DDU found that members were most likely to raise concerns with their family members (88% of all respondents), colleagues (57% of all respondents) and/or their GP (42%).

This comes as the DDU launches a new health and wellbeing e-learning course which focuses on strategies for coping with adversity, the steps you can take to help yourself, and support a colleague who’s struggling.

Lesley Taylor, dento-legal adviser at the DDU, commented: “Most dental professionals are used to dealing with high pressure situations and stressful decisions but the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified these challenges to an unprecedented level. As many dental professionals prepare to return to work, they will now be faced with a ‘new normal’ and will need to adapt to new ways of working. This may elicit a wide range of emotions and the increased pressure may take its toll on their personal mental wellbeing. The DDU’s new health and wellbeing e-learning course aims to help you recognise the warning signs in yourself and others, as well as the steps you can take to seek support.”

To learn more about the DDU’s health and wellbeing e-learning course click here.

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