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TMJ Concepts for complex cases

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  Posted by: The Probe      15th January 2020

TMJ disorders can lead to an array of problems for patients, which have a profound effect on their lives. In severe cases where TMJ replacement is required, it’s important that surgeons use trusted products.

TMJ Concepts offers a comprehensive process for the design and fabrication of each fully customised TMJ reconstructive prosthesis. It allows the surgeon to sign off on the prosthetic design every step of the way, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness of the device first time. This encourages excellent adaptation of the prosthesis, leading to the desired improvement in function and reduction in pain.

If previous attempts to treat a patient’s TMJ disorders have failed and surgery is now indicated, TMJ Concepts offers a solution you can trust.

For more information about the TMJ Concepts Prosthesis from Incito Medtech, please call Karen Joy on 07468 420496 or email or visit

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