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  Posted by: The Probe      16th November 2019

Impression materials need to set quickly to ensure patient comfort, but they also need to achieve excellent, accurate outcomes.

So why not get the best of both with Impregum Super Quick polyether impression material from 3M Oral Care?

With a working time of 45 seconds alongside a two-minute intraoral setting time, Impregum Super Quick polyether impression material from 3M combines the convenience of a VPS with the performance of a polyether for stress-free impressions every time.

Furthermore, a recent clinical evaluation shows a very high satisfaction rate of 95% regarding the precision of Impregum Super Quick and the fit of the final restoration[i]


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3M and Impregum are trademarks of the 3M Company

[i] 3M field evaluation with 447 participants from Europe and the US.

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