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  Posted by: The Probe      5th November 2019

Align Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGN) today announced the launch of its latest digital tool for general dentists and especially Invisalign Go Providers. The ClinCheck In-face Visualisation tool is an enhanced digital tool, which allows for an image of the patient’s face to be incorporated into their treatment plan. The In-face Visualisation tool is now available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Actively engaging patients at every stage of their treatment is now simpler than ever before. By helping patients visualise their future smile, general dentists can clearly communicate the benefits of teeth straightening and guide patients towards the treatment choice most suitable for them.

Align Technology’s latest enhancement to the 3D Clincheck software will take patient smile visualisation to the next level by helping dentists generate a powerful, clinical visualisation of the patient`s teeth in their face. It will also enable general dentists to showcase benefits of teeth straightening and guide their patients towards the most suitable treatment choices. This is made possible with the use of the Invisalign Photo Uploader application (available on iPhone and Android) to capture digital photos of the patient. The iTero intraoral scanner can then capture digital records in a more convenient and efficient way.

Align’s proprietary ClinCheck software has long provided practitioners with 3D imaging of tooth movements from start to finish so they have options for the patient treatment journey. Now, with the added benefit of the “In-face” Visualisation, ClinCheck allows dentists to customise treatment plans according to the patient’s facial feature to make the visualisation more natural.

“Align’s ClinCheck In-face Visualisation tool complements Invisalign’s digital analysis and treatment protocols. Now, practitioners can empower patients with a digital road map of their new smile so they can immediately recognise the benefits of teeth straightening with the Invisalign system.” – said Zelko Relic, Align Technology senior vice president, chief technology officer, global R&D.

“I believe the new ClinCheck “In-face” Visualisation tool can help general dentists in their efforts to better navigate our patients who are at the beginning of a very important journey towards their new smile. Being able to increase the patient`s understanding of the what we are trying to achieve, by using the overall treatment outcome in its entirety, with the face, can help us build an informed consent much quicker. For us as the treating doctor, this is a great advancement in visualisation within the ClinCheck software and I’m excited to be able to start using it with my patients” – said Dr Affan Saghir, an Invisalign trained doctor. 

The ClinCheck “In-face” Visualisation tool is now available for general practitioners using the Invisalign Go system in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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