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  Posted by: The Probe      15th October 2019

The BRILLIANT Crios reinforced composite bloc combines performance, functionality and aesthetic fit to offer a solution unlike any other for single-tooth restorations.

The material from leading restorative manufacturer, COLTENE, is particularly useful for patients who have implant-supported crowns or suffer from bruxism, as its shock-absorbing qualities and tooth-like elastic modulus leads to fewer fractures. The BRILLIANT Crios bloc is also more flexible in maintaining layer thickness and can be modified and repaired easily, ensuring longer lasting results for the patient.

There are a variety of colour shades on offer in both low and high translucency to match each and every patient’s needs, and comes in two sizes – 10mm x 15mm x 12mm and 12mm x 18mm x 14mm.

For superb results with your inlays, onlays, crowns (including implant supported crowns) and veneers, try BRILLIANT Crios by COLTENE.


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