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Denplan and Chase de Vere join forces to provide specialist NHS pensions advice


  Posted by: The Probe      9th October 2019

Denplan is pleased to announce that it has chosen Chase de Vere as a preferred provider for its 6,500 Denplan members dentists. Chase de Vere is one of the UK’s leading independent financial advisers specialising in the NHS Pension and advice to healthcare professionals.

The new partnership will enable Denplan to provide access to specialist support and advice via Chase de Vere for its Denplan member dentists on how to get the most out of their NHS pension and private pension schemes, and the implications of leaving the NHS if they want to become a fully private dental practice.

Catherine Rutland, Head Dental Officer at Denplan said:

“We know from talking to our members that NHS pensions are a real concern for them when considering whether to move to a fully private practice. Our partnership with Chase de Vere Dental will give our dentists access to top quality independent financial advice with a particular focus on NHS pensions to help them answer any concerns that they have.”

Chase de Vere has just launched Chase de Vere Dental, a service focused on providing independent financial advice to the dental profession. This will be headed by Andrea Sproates, who has 21 years’ experience in providing advice to medical and dental professionals and the service will have a dedicated national team of 16 independent advisers who will be focused on advising the dental market.

Stephen Kavanagh, Chief Executive at Chase de Vere, says:

“We have provided exceptional financial advice and service to dental professionals for many years. It is a natural progression for us to launch Chase de Vere Dental, and through our partnership with Denplan, we will be able to offer our services to a larger number of dentists and become recognised as the ‘go to’ experts in giving financial advice to members of their profession.”

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