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  Posted by: The Probe      12th October 2019

COLTENE has had another great year, pushing forward with research and development, launching new products and attending events all over the country, listening carefully to what dentists are saying.

The team at COLTENE believes that clinicians must have the highest-quality tools and materials in order to deliver the very best results. It’s a truly collaborative relationship; practitioners bring their skill and the latest techniques and COLTENE develops the products to work alongside them, which are fully in tune with their evolving needs.

The end result – and COLTENE’s overriding mission – is upgraded dentistry. This means stable treatment that is delivered more easily, more comfortably and with more flexibility. Dentists who choose COLTENE will find that their workflow is smoother and the patient experience is much improved.

Happy dentists, happy patients  

High patient expectations are an ongoing challenge for the modern dentist; people want great results andgreat value.

COLTENE’s vast product range offers cost-effective, economical, high-quality options. If you can promise a patient that you will complete their treatment in one appointment rather than two, yet without any compromise to the end result, this is a big reason for a them to say “Yes!” Dentists who use COLTENE products will also ensure comfort, as well as efficiency and stability; these are great selling points for any patient who is weighing up their options.   

Mike Dodd, who is based at Rose Lane Dental Practice, Liverpool, takes referrals on all aspects of endodontics and uses the COLTENE Hyflex™EDM file system for canal preparation. He says: “The Hyflex™EDM file system is flexible – literally and figuratively. I can complete most cases with just one or two files, from routine, everyday endodontic cases to cases with curved, narrow or calcified canals. The system covers all the bases; the files can be pre-bent when access is difficult and pre-curved to bypass ledges. It’s versatile too, with options available for glidepath management and large apical sizes. 

“Hyflex™EDM files are robust, with a hard outer coating and tough inner core for peace of mind. My mainstay is the HyFlex™ EDM 25/~ OneFile. For cases with curved canals, I find the addition of the 20/.05 fileand the 10/.05 Glidepath file to be particularly useful. Compared to other files on the market, the Hyflex™EDM system is cost effective, too.”

Although it was already giving dentists fantastic results, the Hyflex™EDM portfolio was expanded this year with the addition of the Glidepath file 15/.03. Specialists working on challenging cases involving strongly curved and very narrow canals will find this file essential for fast, safe preparation. Adding a new file to an already renowned system indicates how COLTENE is always looking over dentists’ shoulders, asking what could make treatment easier, more efficient and better.


Smiles made more BRILLIANT

Of course, it’s not just endodontics that can be improved with COLTENE tools and materials; its high-performance restorative range can be used in a variety of indications. The new BRILLIANT COMPONEER™ was launched at this year’s British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show, a direct composite veneering system for minimally invasive, chair-side restorations. In just a single visit, dentists can place the pre-shaped shells, which, because they are so thin, will preserve as much of the tooth substance as possible.


Based on the sub-micron filler technology of COLTENE’s BRILLIANT EverGlow™ light-curing universal composite, BRILLIANT COMPONEER™ offers enhanced gloss-retention and polishability, with fantastic shade matching. BRILLIANT EverGlow™ remains popular; dentists praise its “excellent optical and physical properties” as well as “great handling” and its “good mix of wear resistance and adaptability”.


Also part of COLTENE’s restorative range is the COLTENE Brilliant CRIOS, a high-performance, reinforced composite bloc, suitable for single tooth restorations. In two translucencies and 13 shades, it is the choice of many dentists for CAD/CAM restorations. It does not require a separate firing process, meaning it is both a quick restorative solution and a durable one.



What else and what’s next?

This is just a tiny snapshot of what COLTENE offers dentists in all specialities and general practice. Also available are BioSonic™ ultrasonic cleaning units in different sizes, treatment auxiliaries including dental dam kits and much more. To appreciate the full range, make sure to visit the COLTENE stand when you see it at a dental event, or browse the website for more information.

COLTENE wants to thank its customers old and new for all the support so far in 2019. The future of dentistry is exciting and COLTENE shares this excitement with its innovative, constantly evolving product range. What lies ahead for next year and beyond? Watch this space!



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