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Professor Cemal Ucer Speaking at ADI Members’ National Forum 2019

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  Posted by: The Probe      4th September 2019

Renowned Specialist Oral Surgeon, Professor Cemal Ucer, will be speaking at the ADI Members’ National Forum this November.

Sharing his extensive experience with fellow members of the ADI, he will present “Evidence-based Surgical Risk Management Strategies and Treatment Options for the Reconstruction of the Atrophic Mandible”. The session will offer a wealth of advice to help clinicians avoid damaging vital structures when placing implants in the mandible, detailing specific treatment protocols and 3D-guided surgical navigation techniques.

For dentists wishing to further enhance their implantology skills, Professor Ucer leads various training courses, including the PG Cert in Implant dentistry with Ucer Education.


For more information on the PG Cert in Implant Dentistry from Ucer Education – supported by Geistlich, Megagen, Neoss, TRI Implants and General Medical – please visit or call 0161 237 1842

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