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  Posted by: The Probe      12th September 2019

Streamline your professional workflow with the high performance OPMI® Pico microscope supplied by Nuview. This cutting-edge system is ergonomically designed to provide optimal support during complex procedures – including restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology and periodontics.

Featuring a wide range of magnification settings, the OPMI® Pico microscope is available with either an integrated LED or xenon light source for improved visibility and clarity. It also offers the benefits of Varioskop 100, which enables users to conveniently adjust the focal length without leaving their preferred working position, thus preventing the risk of strain and fatigue.

Discover how the OPMI® Pico microscope meets the needs of modern clinicians by contacting Nuview today.


For more information please call Nuview on 01453 872266,

email info@nuview-ltd.com, visit www.nuview.coor ‘like’ Nuview on Facebook.

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