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“HyFlex™ EDM files give me peace of mind”

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  Posted by: The Probe      26th September 2019

Mike Dodd has undertaken posts in both general and restorative dentistry. He was also

appointed Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry at Liverpool University Dental Hospital in 2013 and then Speciality Registrar in Endodontics in 2014. Now focussing entirely on private practice, Mike is part of the team at Rose Lane Dental Practice, Liverpool, taking referrals on all aspects of endodontics. He says:

““The Hyflex™EDM file system is flexible – literally and figuratively. I can complete most cases with just one or two files, from routine, everyday endodontic cases to cases with curved, narrow or calcified canals. The system covers all the bases; the files can be pre-bent when access is difficult and pre-curved to bypass ledges. It’s versatile too, with options available for glidepath management and large apical sizes.  

“Hyflex™EDM files are robust, with a hard outer coating and tough inner core for peace of mind. My mainstay is the HyFlex™ EDM 25/~ OneFile. For cases with curved canals, I find the addition of the 20/.05 fileand the 10/.05 Glidepath file to be particularly useful.

“Compared to other files on the market, the Hyflex™EDM system is cost effective, too.”


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