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Peri-implantitis – not the threat we thought it was?

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  Posted by: The Probe      4th August 2019

Kevin Lochhead will present an ADI Study Club in Bournemouth this September entitled “Why we may not need to worry about peri-implantitis quite as much as we are being led to believe”.

“Diagnosis is where many of the current issues lie with regards to peri-implant disease,” he says. “When correctly diagnosed – thankfully – very few dental implants are actually affected by peri-implantitis, but misdiagnosis can lead to unnecessary and easily avoidable complications.

“During the ADI Study Club, I will look at the real world issues that occur with dental implants, as well as the various guidelines currently available on its diagnosis. I will investigate the “evidence” supporting the guidelines and look at practical maintenance protocols for dental implants.”


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