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  Posted by: The Probe      7th May 2019

While excess cement has been linked to peri-implantitis,[1] location of the implant has sometimes built a barrier for use of screw-retained restorations.

Well, not any more.

The Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) abutment and Omnigrip™ tooling from Nobel Biocare have been designed specifically to offer a solution.

The abutment can be screwed into place at any angle up to 25 degrees from the axis, within a 360 degree rotational radius. The accompanying Omnigrip™ screwdriver then ensures quick and easy pick-up functionality for a smooth and efficient workflow.

In the posterior region, this means the risks associated with excess cement can be eliminated, even in limited vertical space. Aesthetic considerations that once contraindicated screw-retained restorations in the anterior zone are also eliminated, so you can deliver the results your patients want and deserve.

Access has ever been easier and patient comfort never higher. Discover the ASC from Nobel Biocare to make challenging restorative cases simple and deliver outstanding clinical results.


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit


[1] Wilson TG, Jr. The positive relationship between excess cement and peri-implant disease: a prospective clinical endoscopic study. J Periodontol. 2009;80 (9): 1388-92.

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