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  Posted by: The Probe      11th April 2019

As a Specialist Endodontist based in Edinburgh, Dr Navid Saberi, shares his thoughts on the Carl Zeiss OPMI® Pico microscope available from Nuview:

“I have found that the Carl Zeiss brand is one of the best on the market in terms of the quality of optics and longevity of products. The after-sales support provided by Ian Hardie is unmatched.

“The design of the OPMI® Pico microscope is simple, sleek and very compact. It boasts magnificent optics, is simple to use, and the LED light it features provides good quality illumination. It also has a 5-step magnification standard, which is higher than rival microscopes. The hydraulics operate smoothly, and the addition of a beam splitter and a DSLR camera help with regard to teaching, record keeping, and assistance’s visualisation of the field.

“Without an operating microscope with quality optics and a good light source, endodontic treatment cannot be performed reliably. ‘Crisp’ magnification and illumination lead to better visualization of the root canal system, which can reduce the risk of missed anatomy, optimise disinfection procedures, and improve the outcome of treatment.

“I recommend all practitioners who seek a microscope to try a Carl Zeiss system and compare it to others. I suggest that – for endodontic treatment, at least – practitioners choose a xenon light source. They won’t regret it.”


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