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  Posted by: The Probe      4th April 2019

Make sure patients are sitting comfortably with the most advanced dental units supplied by Clark Dental, including the A-dec 500.

Engineered to enhance the patient experience, the A-dec 500 features a flexible, ultra-thin backrest and slim-profile headrest, which enables you to have easy access to patients. This prevents strain and fatigue, no matter whether you are performing routine dental examinations or complex procedures.

The “virtual pivot” of the A-dec 500 is adapted to the natural motion of each patient, as it prevents them from having to readjust when the unit is lowered or raised. Unique cushioning reduces pressure points and provides ultimate support across the patient’s entire body. The A-dec 500 also allows patients to get in and out of the dental unit with ease, thanks to rotatable multi-position armrests.

For increased efficiency, the A-dec 500 comes with various ergonomic delivery systems to choose from – each providing internal integration of all your instruments and ancillaries, so you can maintain a sophisticated, clutter-free operatory.

Contact the professional team at Clark Dental to begin exploring new heights of comfort.


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