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  Posted by: The Probe      15th March 2019

Discover the world’s first mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) cement in capsule form. Harvard® MTA OptiCaps® can be used for a wide range of endodontic indications, which include:

  • Repair of root perforations
  • Retrograde root-end filling
  • Apexification
  • Direct and indirect pulp capping
  • Repair of internal resorption
  • Pulpotomy

OptiCaps® has numerous benefits, as it can form tertiary dentine over the pulp and is not affected by humidity during setting, which means the next clinical step of an endodontic procedure can be taken within minutes.

The innovative design of OptiCaps® also enables practitioners to avoid the mess of mixing MTA cement, as this process is eliminated entirely. The correct consistency of MTA is pre-mixed inside each capsule for the benefit of more efficient application and ultimate ease-of-use in clinical practice. As a result, practitioners are able to save valuable time, helping to improve the standard of care provided and the overall treatment experience.

To find out how Harvard® MTA OptiCaps® capsules make the application of MTA cement hassle-free, contact the expert team at Denka today.

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