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DDU welcomes Ombudsman’s pledge for increased consistency


  Posted by: The Probe      22nd March 2019


The DDU hopes that a Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman review of the use of clinical advice in complaints will lead to a more consistent and clear approach for dental professionals involved in the process.

Responding to the publication by the Ombudsman of a review of how it uses clinical advice John Makin, head of the DDU, said:

‘The Ombudsman has acknowledged the need to share the content of expert advice with those complained at an early stage, before a provisional view is issued. This is welcome.

‘The qualifications and experience of the Ombudsman’s clinical adviser will also be made clear to those involved in a complaint, helping to ensure appointed experts have the appropriate skills.

‘However, we are disappointed the review did not accept our submission that the clinical standard should be that of reasonable and responsible practice. This would have provided clarity on how the Ombudsman’s clinical advisers weigh up whether the clinical standard was acceptable or not and on the judgement applied. In future the Ombudsman will publish examples of how the clinical standard has been applied, and we hope that this will provide some much-needed practical detail and help dental professionals to have confidence in the process.’ 

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