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  Posted by: probe-admin      7th December 2018

Want a temporisation material that sets a new standard of excellence?

Protemp 4 temporisation material from 3M Oral Care supplies a cutting-edge blend of scientific research and aesthetic excellence unlike any other.

Due to its high compressive, impact and tensile strength,[i]Protemp 4 is well suited to demanding applications such as long-term temporisation. Furthermore, as it requires minimal preparation (no glaze or polish),[ii]it offers a fast solution every time.

Aesthetics matter and Protemp 4 has been created to offer a natural-looking solution.[iii]The material even contains fluorescence pigments that allow it to remain looking natural under challenging conditions such as UV light.[iv]

To find out more, contact the team at 3M Oral Care.

For more information, call 0800 626 578 or visit

3M and Protemp 4 are trademarks of the 3M Company. 


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