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  Posted by: The Probe      18th November 2018

Do you want to save time reporting on radiographs but still have all of the essential information to create the best possible care plan?

PROPACS from PRO Diagnostics UK can help.

A one-of-a-kind online storage solution for diagnostic images, radiographs uploaded to PROPACS can be sent to a team of specialist dental radiologists for expert appraisal. Full reports will be sent back to your account within a 24 hour period, quickly giving you the information you need to create the best possible care plan for the patient.

Furthermore, as these images are stored directly into your PROPACS account you can share them with authorised colleagues or technicians in order to facilitate treatment and the creation of any restorative devices. All they need to do is request free log in details and they can access the images, and the whole process is GDPR compliant and significantly reduces the chances of patient information being leaked.

Available to access anywhere, any time, PROPACS is the ultimate sophisticated secretary and will streamline your diagnostic procedures like never before.

Find out more about PROPACS by contacting the team at PRO Diagnostics UK today.

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