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  Posted by: probe-admin      14th November 2018

The internet has completely transformed the way that the world works as well as how people access information. Far from the days of taking the encyclopaedia Britannica off the shelf and having to flip through the pages for the answer, today solutions can be found at just a touch of a button. As a compendium of every single piece of human research and knowledge, the internet is an incredible tool that can be used in so many different ways – especially in terms of education.

For dentists, in particular, the internet can be a powerful learning tool. Not only does online education provide a number of benefits in terms of how information is accessed, but it also enables professionals to select highly relevant material to their interests, fast.

Accessible at all times

Professionals often have very hectic daily work schedules and so it can be very difficult to fit researching and studying around daily obligations. Many courses require a physical presence, and depending on where they are held, they usually require dentists to take a day or two off work, impacting their practice life and patient care.

One major benefit of learning online is that information is available any time, anywhere. Many online courses and webinars can be completed in multiple stages if necessary, and as so many individuals now have smartphones and tablets, this information is easily reachable during commutes or when at home. This helps to streamline the learning process for individuals by easily integrating education into their daily lives.

A cost-effective way to learn

Attending courses in person not only requires the expense of the course itself, but often entails additional expenditures. Travel to where the course is being held means train fares or petrol money, and if the course requires multiple days of attendance money spent on accommodation can quickly add up. Furthermore, by missing days in the practice to attend these courses you will also miss out on the revenue those days will have generated.

Learning from home avoids the need for these expenditures, allowing you to be financially savvy whilst also still learning the relevant information.

The right environment

Learning environments can have a big impact on how effectively people absorb and retain information. Individuals can easily get distracted when in unfamiliar surroundings, and this can impede learning.

By studying online, professionals can combat this issue. Professionals usually feel more comfortable at home, and for those who learn better on their own, accessing information on a computer in the comfort of a familiar space can be very helpful. This is especially beneficial to those solo learners who may feel uncomfortable or anxious in group situations, as being alone will prevent their nerves from affecting their learning experience.[i]

An online discussion

Though visiting courses in person does have certain benefits, many of these can also be experienced through online webinars. By watching webinars that are being streamed live, individuals can access information conveniently and in real time. They can also ask questions if they are unclear about any of the information covered in the session, as many online webinars will have chat rooms or other interactive functionality. By asking questions this way it means people will not have to feel shy about drawing attention to themselves in a public setting – something that in person would be harder to do.

The information you choose

As part your CPD it’s important to focus your studies on areas that will enrich and further your career. Online courses and webinars are particularly useful for this as the topics are often more specific and offer an in-depth view of the subject.

The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) has many online learning materials for its members. ADI Webinars are a very effective way for professionals to explore interesting topics surrounding dental implants whilst also gaining CPD. These are streamed live from ADI Study Clubs but are also available on demand to be accessed at any time in order to help professionals absorb the information at a time that suits their schedules, and are free for ADI members.

The possibilities are limitless

Online learning is not only an effective way to educate yourself but also the most convenient. By seeking out relevant online educational resources you can gain CPD in a way that suits your learning style, all without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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