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  Posted by: The Probe      1st November 2018

Dr Lau Berraondo commented on the MyCrown system:

“Like the majority of dentists, I was originally looking to eliminate traditional impressions with digital technology, but I was hesitant to take the next step by investing in a combined impression taking and milling unit.

“However, I’ve been really impressed with the MyCrown system. The quality of the restorations is amazing and it’s useful to have the option of producing restorations in-house for certain cases. I have experienced significant cost savings already, but I still work closely with my laboratory on more complex cases. The technology is easy to use with its five-step workflow and it didn’t take too long to become familiar with the process.

“In fact, I’m able to take a digital impression and design a highly accurate restoration in less than 10 minutes. Fabrication of the prosthesis is completed in as little as 12 minutes.

“As such, I would definitely recommend the MyCrown system to other dentists. The transition to digital impressions and milling in one step is not as difficult as you might think – I was definitely pleasantly surprised!”

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