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  Posted by: The Probe      15th October 2018

Roxanne Reddington is currently a Dual Site Practice Manager for Rodericks Dental. She started out her career as a dental nurse, before relocating from Leeds to London to work as a Head Dental Nurse in a small mixed practice. She later moved to Northampton where she became a practice manager.

“After working with Rodericks Dental, I decided moved away in order to experience a change of management style,” says Roxanne.

“I later returned to the group – I really missed the managers I used to work with! With Rodericks, I like the family feel of the company and the practices, as well as the support that is provided to all individuals.

“I’m glad to be back at Rodericks and I aim to progress my career within the group. I have two great practices and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring.”

To find out more about the career opportunities at Rodericks Dental and to see for yourself why so many professionals are happy working for the group, call the team today.

For more information please visit, please contact Louise Paterson at or

on 01604 970988 (option 3)


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