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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

Dr Ray McNamara utilises various sterilization products from W&H. These help to streamline day-to-day workflows for a more comfortable life in practice.

He says: “When I set up my new practice, I sought out RPA Dental to design the surgeries and install a local decontamination unit. I asked the team to supply the very best kit available and they recommended W&H.

“In particular, I wanted a fully validated workflow and the kit from W&H has proven to be reliable so far. The ThermoKlenz does its job well, the Assistina is currently keeping the handpieces in good shape and the Lisa Type B vacuum sterilizer is my dental nurse’s favourite piece of equipment.

“The Seal2is also extremely versatile, making bagging of individual burs very straightforward. In the practice, my team and I use unique reference numbers on each bag. These are entered into patients’ notes to allow full traceability and it’s a system of which I have great confidence in.”

Discover the benefits of the outstanding sterilization equipment from W&H. Contact the expert team today.

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