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AI, visual deception, learning from bed covered in OrthoTed talks at BOC 2018


  Posted by: The Probe      7th August 2018

The British Orthodontic Society reveals the four thought-provoking topics selected for a session of OrthoTED talks at BOC 2018 in London. This is a first for BOS. Through a competitive entry process entrants were invited to submit their idea for a short and

dynamic talk at BOC 2018.

Inspired by the hugely successful online TED talks with the slogan “ideas worth spreading”, the orthodontic versions will straddle Orthodontic Technology, Education and Design. 

The following four winners will deliver their talk on the last day of the conference on Saturday 29 September:

Grant Duncan: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not replace orthodontists. But will orthodontists who use AI replace

those who don’t? Grant, from The Invisible Orthodontist in Australia, will talk about the introduction of Artificial Intelligence

Applications into orthodontics to monitor treatment progress.


Grant Isherwood: Learning From Bed – Teaching Orthodontics Using The “Flipped Classroom” Method Of Teaching. Grant is a 2nd Year Registrar in Orthodontics at Liverpool Dental Hospital. The “Flipped Classroom” method of

teaching has been shown to produce both better exam results and better levels of satisfaction among students across a wide range of disciplines ranging from Economics to Life Sciences.


Ian Hutchinson: Seeing what your patients see – the art of visual deception. Ian will discuss how a simple experiment

focusing on dental irregularities had some interesting results. He will demonstrate how we can see what the patients see’s by a

simple approach to allow us to look through their eyes. In this way orthodontists can identify the concern, correct it and create

happy patients.


Ross Hobson: Efficiency in practice. Ross will give practical techniques to improve efficiency in the workplace with five key

points, among them an emphasis on good decision-making. Ross will stress the importance of being decisive as well as suggest

empowering staff to make decisions. It’s important to use staff to the maximum, he will argue.


BOC Chairman, Richard Jones, says: “TED talks have taken the business world by storm and, for the first time, we’re delighted to be offering our own unique version with these four engaging presentations. They cover a diverse variety of topics which are sure to inspire and entertain.”


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