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Don’t be rubbish with your rubbish!

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  Posted by: The Probe      11th July 2018

Learning is the key

The ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’ statement encourages everyone to decrease the impact of waste on the environment. However, despite good intentions, we do not always throw away our rubbish in the right way.

 It is particularly necessary for dental practices to segregate waste correctly so that it can be safely disposed of. A good understanding about dental waste management reduces the risk of disease transmission and potential environmental damage, and it is necessary to comply with legislation. For effective waste management, it is essential to know thecorrect type of waste container and the best practice colour coding system.

 Initial Medical customers can learn more about correct waste management through its myLearning portal, which includes interactive videos, mini quizzes and useful facts. This method of e-learning is effective because it is cost efficient and the training can happen at anytime and anywhere. The waste management module provides in-depth training about the correct waste management procedures and how to comply with legislation.

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About Initial Medical

Initial Medical is an expert in healthcare waste management, providing a complete collection, disposal and recycling service for hazardous and non-hazardous waste and offensive waste produced by businesses and organisations within the UK.

The safe management of healthcare waste is vital to ensure your activities are not a risk to human health.  Initial Medical’s healthcare waste services ensure that all of your waste is stringently handled in compliance with legislation and in accordance with Safe Management of Healthcare Waste best practice guidelines, providing you with the peace of mind that you are adhering to current legislation.

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 Initial Medical is a division of Rentokil Initial plc.

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