Dentistry profession representation at NHS7O celebrations


  Posted by: probe-admin      10th July 2018

The world of dentistry was well and truly represented at Westminster Abbey amidst the celebration of 70 years of the National Health Service.

Those in attendance included Chair of BDA young dentist committee, Nikki Patel, as well as deputy CDO Janet Clarke, CDO Sara Hurley, BDA chair Mick Armstrong and BSPD president Claire Stevens.

Celebrations for NHS Dentistry were not limited to Westminster Abbey, with events spreading across the country to mark the special day.

NHS chief executive, Simon Stevens, sent a message to staff putting the success of the NHS, down to their “brilliance”. Simon congratulated the achievements of 1/5 million doctors, ambulance staff, nurses, therapists, porters, caterers also, that make up the biggest and greatest care team in the world.

In his message Simon said: “Today we’re marking the 70th birthday of the National Health Service. It’s a time for celebration looking back over seven decades when we’re all living a lot longer and healthier – more than 10 years extra. We’ve seen amazing medical advances, whether it’s organ transplantations or new cures for cancer or vaccines. But the reason why the Health Service does so well is frankly due to the brilliance of the staff.”

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