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  Posted by: The Probe      15th June 2018

Discover the UK’s No. 1 best-selling rubber interdental brushes from Wisdom today.

Clinically proven to reduce gingival disease,[i],[ii]Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes are beautifully crafted with your patients in mind. The flexible and tapered design allows the brush to slide easily between teeth, whilst the super-soft rubber coating makes them gentle on the gingiva. With easy access to small spaces, these convenient and disposable brushes effectively remove food debris and plaque while massaging and stimulating the gums.

What’s more, being wire-free, the brushes are ideal for cleaning around orthodontic appliances, implants, metal fillings and crowns, and are especially suited to those patients who find wire interdental brushes hard to use or uncomfortable. Available in three sizes to suit a variety of gaps, they offer a great solution to all patients.

Find out why more and more dental professionals are recommending Wisdom Clean Between Rubber Interdental Brushes – contact the knowledgeable team at Wisdom today!

To find out more, please visit or

call 01440 714800


[i]Yost et al., Interproximal gingivitis and plaque reduction by four interdental products. J Clin Dent. 2006;17(3):79-83.

[ii]Prof. Dr. Petra Ratka-Krügeret al., Clinical trial of a metal-free interdental brush. University Medical Centre Freiburg, Germany. Pub Nov 2010.

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