Support and recognition

If you’re looking to work for a dental provider who supports you and recognises your dedication to excellent patient care, join the family at Colosseum Dental. We work hard to ensure all our associates have the training, facilities and opportunities they need to maintain high clinical standards and progress in their careers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our associates said recently about working with us:

“Excellent support from head office. All provide exceptional leadership, guidance and advice.”

“I feel comfortable at work, enjoy it and I’m recognised for my effort.” 

“The leadership team is very approachable and have made the effort to get to know me personally. This is unique and highly commendable.”

“Funding goes into equipment and the dentist rather than back into the organisation therefore care can always be provided.”

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“My patients are delighted with the long-term aesthetics of their restorations”

Jonathan Fitzpatrick is a dentist at Millersneuk Dental Practice, Glasgow. He uses COLTENE’s BRILLIANT EverGlow™ universal composite.

“COLTENE’s BRILLIANT EverGlow™ handles fantastically, is efficiently manipulated and holds its shape. Its aesthetics are excellent and the material has the ability to blend in and mirror the optical properties of a natural tooth extremely well, too.

“It also polishes to a high gloss finish very easily, meaning both me and my patients are delighted with the long-term aesthetics of their restorations.”

A versatile shade system with good wettability and smooth consistency, why not try COLTENE’s BRILLIANT EverGlow™ in your practice?


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‘‘A major USP for dental practices’

Dr Ashish B. Parmar shares his thoughts on the benefits of the T-Scan™, available from Clark Dental:  

“The key feature of this technology is that, unlike articulating paper, it can measure the timing and force of a bite. This is the best way of checking that a patient’s occlusion is balanced and comfortable, enabling you to ensure a long-lasting restoration.

“I would 100% recommend the T-Scan™ in conjunction with articulating paper. It is a very accurate and visual tool for checking patients’ occlusion. The technology is really easy for dentists to learn how to use and implement. In terms of communication, the T-Scan™ can also demonstrate to patients where the problems are with their bite, which is a major USP for dental practices.”


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Maximum comfort, optimal clarity

Do you use prismatic dental loupes? If so, you could benefit from the Nuview Loupe and Light Visor System, which has been developed by Nuview to provide a cost-effective solution to the current increased PPE requirements.

The Nuview Loupe and Light Visor System has been designed for use with frame-mounted loupe/light combinations. The extended nature of the visor area – whilst complying with EN166:2001 requirements – provides sufficient space to accommodate most types of loupes, including prismatic loupes with a front-mounted light.

With an adjustable foam-padded headband for maximum comfort, the Nuview Loupe and Light Visor System offers a superior quality visor to ensure optimal clarity.

Call Nuview to order your Starter Kit.


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IAS training is back

IAS Academy is delighted to announce that its training courses across the UK are back.

Care has been taken to ensure that all possible safety measures are in place to protect both delegates and instructors . These include the implementation of social distancing, as well as the wearing of any necessary face masks etc. as and when appropriate.

This means the hands-on education that IAS Academy is so well known for is once again available for GDPs to make the most of. Courses focus on correct case selection, assessment and diagnosis for the ethical and effective delivery of ortho-restorative dental treatment.

To find out more about the training available or the safety precautions in place, contact the friendly team today. Courses are already selling out fast so act quickly to ensure you don’t miss out!


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Elevating both speed and hygiene

The benefits of single-use products have come into their own of late. Why not apply the same advantages of increased speed, decreased waste and optimised costs to indirect procedures?

Astringent Retraction paste from 3M Oral Care provides a single-use solution that makes obtaining an accurate impression simple. The delivery capsule’s extra-fine tip applies a 15% aluminium chloride haemostatic paste gently and precisely into the sulcus for effective tissue retraction and bleeding control.[i] 

With only a few simple steps needed to ensure a clean and dry working field, Astringent Retraction Paste from 3M will save you time and efficiently reduce moisture for a hygienic experience. Find out more from 3M Oral Care.


For more information, call 08705 360 036 or visit

3M representatives continue to be available via video calling technologies for your convenience.


3M is a trademark of the 3M Company. 


[i] 3M astringent retraction paste tip size comparison. 3M Oral Care internal data. Claim number 04915.

Utilising the digital implant workflow

Digital has long been heralded as the future of dentistry and now it is very much our present. Even for practices not yet utilising a fully digital workflow, at least some part of the treatment journey will likely involve some technology designed to streamline, simplify and enhance the process.

In implantology, digital solutions have become integral to quality treatment. CBCT imaging is important for comprehensive assessments in challenging cases, digital software ensures meticulous treatment planning and intraoral scanning affords accurate impressions for predictable restoration. Whether clinicians use all these solutions or just some, the benefits of digital support include fewer complications or unexpected challenges, greater protection from potential medicolegal claims and improved patient satisfaction.

The latter advantage comes from patients’ appreciation for increased comfort, reduced time in the chair and more efficient treatment. Plus, they often have a better understanding of the procedure and therefore give more informed consent thanks to digital communication tools and treatment outcome simulations.

To maximise on these and many more benefits when providing implants, clinicians need to use implant systems and concepts that are not only proven to be safe, effective and long-lasting, but that also support the digital workflow.

Fully supported digital workflow

TRI® Dental Implant Solutions – a leading Swiss implant provider – offers a comprehensive but easy-to-use portfolio of products designed to optimise aesthetics, efficiency and economics. The company’s ethos is all about encouraging predictable osseointegration, immediate stability, a strong connection and natural-looking aesthetics, providing a long-lasting solution for a wide range of patients.

The sophisticated TRI® BoneAdapt Technology of TRI® implants maximises primary stability to support immediate placement and loading protocols for optimal patient satisfaction. The implants are designed to encourage bone adaptation while minimising stress and cortical load. A unique soft tissue interface and range of innovative prosthetic components deliver a consistent emergence profile for outstanding gingival aesthetics as well.

The patented 3D-Touch Open-Tray Impression Post has proven particularly popular over the past year as an intra- and extra-oral scanbody that can be used for both analogue and digital impression methods. The narrow component is ideal for the smallest of spaces and it is connected to the implant without a screwdriver, making it easy to use.

Designed specifically for the digital workflow, the TRI® Digital Implant is the world’s first implant to be created specifically for this type of manufacturing. It simplifies the planning process by eliminating the need for an abutment and cementation, enabling the restoration to be designed directly on the implant. TRI® most recently developed an entire product line specifically optimised for the fully digital workflow – the Matrix®. The 100% screw-retained solution optimises the digital process for an outstanding clinical outcome. Find out more by signing up on the website.

In addition, the leading Swiss supplier supports its customers across the globe with first-class education and training. An extensive library of online tutorials, webinars and training courses is available online, providing a wealth of information and practical advice to help clinicians fully utilise all the potential benefits of the TRI® Dental Implant system. Plus, the company supports other training opportunities by providing its products for delegates to learn with, including those held at the Centre of Oral-Maxillofacial and Dental Implant Reconstruction in Manchester, with Professor Cemal Ucer, Specialist Oral Surgeon.

PG Cert in Implant Dentistry

Delivered through Ucer Education, the training teaches both the practical and theoretical elements of implant placement and restoration. While both analogue and digital techniques are covered to give delegates a solid foundation of knowledge and skill, the course makes use of the cutting-edge facilities at the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute in Manchester. These include an advanced diagnostic centre with the complete digital workflow including a Morita CBCT machine, Trios and Cerec intraoral scanners, 3D printers and the latest digital treatment planning software. There are also interactive lecture rooms and webinar capabilities to enable delegates to watch live-streamed surgical procedures from the in-house surgeries.

The 12-month, blended learning programme is ideal for those new to the field or clinicians with some experience who wish to consolidate and develop their existing skills. It concludes in a level 7 award by EduQual to provide a formally-recognised qualification that endorses the quality of the training delivered. What’s more, support and mentorship is available throughout the course and beyond personally from Professor Ucer and members of his world-class teaching colleagues, ensuring all delegates apply their new skills in practice safely and effectively.

Maximise digital potential

Dental implantology is a rapidly developing and exciting field of dentistry. If you’re interested in capitalising on the opportunities, consider utilising the benefits of a partial or complete digital workflow with industry-leading products and world-class training.


For more information on the PG Cert in Implant Dentistry from Ucer Education – supported by Geistlich, Megagen, Neoss, TRI Implants and General Medical – please visit or call Prof Ucer on 0161 237 1842



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A better alternative for GDP orthodontics

Sarah Weston, a dentist from Woodbridge, has used ClearCorrect from the Straumann Group for over a year. She says:

“I changed to ClearCorrect clear aligners from an alternative option and found them to be much more popular among patients. Their design makes them more discreet and nearly invisible, while they are also much more affordable.

“From a clinical perspective, I like that patients wear the first couple of aligners before attachments are placed – it gives them time to adjust. I have also had to make fewer revisions to the aligners than I have with other systems, so they have proven more accurate and predictable as well. In addition, the support from the Straumann Group has been excellent. I receive instant replies to questions and the team has been really helpful.”

To find out more about ClearCorrect and how it could benefit your patients, contact the Straumann Group today.


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Looking ahead to a brighter 2021

2020 has not been a great year for many, so let’s look ahead to a brighter 2021!

The British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2021 will provide an event for all members of the dental team to look forward to.

You can expect a packed educational programme with hours of enhanced CPD delivered by outstanding speakers from around the world. There will be a diverse array of topics explored, with insights into the exciting and evolving world of digital dentistry, among many other areas.

It will be the perfect place to finally meet with friends and colleagues from across the profession, so you can have fun while learning and advancing your career.

So, to work together to build a brighter future, look forward to the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show 2021!


The next British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show will be held on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd May 2021, Birmingham NEC, co-located with DTS.

For more information, visit, call 020 7348 5270 or email

Peace of mind for your practice

It’s no understatement to say that the last few months have been a challenging time for dental professionals across the country, if not around the world. It’s debateable whether the industry will ever return to what was considered “normal” before the pandemic, but instead of being something to mourn, this is a change that professionals can embrace to usher in a new era of exceptional care.

Indeed, though a lot of measures currently in place may be temporary, it’s undeniable that the coronavirus pandemic has instilled within us a new respect for the importance of various aspects of dentistry, including infection control, the systems we use and the need to always be prepared.

A new age of infection control

It’s no surprise that the way the dental industry approaches infection control has changed considerably in a relatively short time. It’s a challenging process, and the need for certain restrictions and a bigger emphasis on extra care in practice has meant that there have been, and continue to be growing pains.

However, growing pains often result in progress. One thing we can certainly count on is that everyone, including patients, is now more aware of, and better understands the need for infection control protocols and how adherence to these is vital to keep everyone safe. As such, it’s a good idea to assess how you are practising infection control in your practice, and see if you can make any further improvements.

This not only means looking at the cleaning products you use and ensuring that all PPE guidelines are strictly adhered to – but also thinking outside of the box and seeing if you can implement any changes to offer better peace of mind for everyone in the practice. Look at the everyday things that often go ignored – your air compressor, for example, is essential for providing sterile air, but is it functioning properly?

A new system for a new normal

One of the biggest challenges professionals have had to face in recent times is adjusting the way they provide care. Of course, these are hurdles that have had to be overcome and it’s likely by now that you’ve fallen into a new rhythm, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t more opportunities to streamline your care in certain areas to provide even greater peace of mind moving forwards.

One way to achieve this is to look at the systems and technology you are using in practice and see whether upgrading or replacing them could help patients and professionals alike to feel more secure. This way you can not only help patients feel like they are receiving an exceptional standard of care, but also streamline your workflows, meaning that you can prioritise meeting expectations while also taking the time to adjust to whatever challenges you’re facing in practice.

For example, for the sake of efficiency have you ever considered upgrading your imaging equipment or trying a digital scanner? Time-saving alternatives are a great way to not only boost patient confidence but also still achieve accurate results. The same logic can be applied to equipment throughout the practice – if you are using state-of-the-art systems then it’s likely you are going to have better confidence in the care you provide. Patients who experience shorter appointments that still fulfil their needs are also likely to feel less nervous about visiting the practice, and this is just one example of how updating or investing in new systems can help everyone during this time.

Preparation prevents poor performance

Perhaps the greatest takeaway that the pandemic has afforded us is the need to always be prepared. This extends to every area of your practice, but especially to the essentials that help treatment remain possible, let alone safe and effective.

One of the most commonly overlooked pieces of equipment is your air compressor, as yet without this “beating heart” of your practice, you would be hard pressed to achieve even basic care, let alone safe, efficient treatment.

So why not protect this all-important piece of equipment from breakdown with trusted, regular maintenance?

Time has become even more precious in practice. By letting DentalAir take care of your air compressor upkeep and repair, you can concentrate on providing a better patient experience and navigating the new normal. DentalAir’s Total Air Care Package means you benefit from the installation of a completely new, oil-free air compressor providing sterile air, as well as a host of other perks including swift, nationwide breakdown service and thorough annual servicing.

A confident future

 Though recent times have been uncertain and challenging, there are still positives that are driving the industry forward. By looking at ways to encourage better care as well as preparing your practice to the best of your ability, you can help everyone achieve peace of mind.


For more information, please contact DentalAir at or call 0800 975 7530