The GBT Summit is coming to Manchester this September

EMS’ GBT Summit in Manchester is set to bring together international experts and clinicians to share information about preventive dentistry and modern therapies to support existing GBT users and those looking for new ways to elevate their skillset and supercharge their hygiene room.

The Summit, to be held on Friday 15th September at the Science & Industry Museum, is ideal for every dental professional who is focused on the delivery of front-line oral health for patients or who would like to increase their knowledge to support their team’s preventive efforts.

Don’t just take our word for it – speaking about the 2022 event, dental therapist, Reece Isaac, commented, ‘I have experience using GBT, but based on today I’ve not been reaching its full potential. It’s important to get trained in the protocol so I can use it in the most efficient way and pass on the ethos of pain-free treatment and more patient education. This will definitely help enhance what I offer, as well as help build revenue for the practice.’

Meanwhile, Jane Laks of Bridgeview Dental Practice had this to say, ‘The day was so interesting. The first lecture from Victoria Sampson was really different on a subject we don’t usually hear about. It has certainly changed our way of thinking.’

Whether you are already part of the GBT professional family or are considering adopting this revolutionary protocol, you are invited to join EMS in changing the face of preventive dentistry.

Priced at just £125 plus VAT and worth 5 ECPD hours, spaces will soon be filled, so don’t delay!

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GBT Summit provides delegates with new inspiration

On 16th September at The Royal College of Physicians in London, the GBT Summit brought together leading international experts and clinicians to share information about preventive dentistry and modern therapies.

Offering his view of the event, Harry Morris, UK & Ireland GBT Sales Manager, said: ‘The main focus of the day was that everyone had a really fun day. We want GBT to be inclusive and we want it to be fun. We want everyone to be able to take what they want from it and go away feeling confident in themselves as clinicians to take this information back to their practices.’

On the day, delegates in the UK delighted in the incredible line-up, including:

  • Victoria Sampson – The oral microbiome – what is it and why is it so important?
  • Alfonso Rao – My implant full arch went really well… but what to do after surgery
  • Anna Middleton – Using GBT to build direct access
  • Celso Da Costa – Why invest in prophylaxis?
  • George Cheetham – Making hygiene appointments a priority within the practice workflow.

The key message was that the hygiene department is key to any dental practice’s overall success, and GBT offers an effective and gentle way to build patient lists, improve treatment uptake and achieve long-term outcomes.

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92% of patients worldwide prefer Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Worldwide survey of 76,000 patients shows they favour GBT above other methods of prevention

A clean mouth is not only crucial for oral health but for overall health in general. That’s why finding ways to remove microbial dental plaque (biofilm) effectively is key to patient wellbeing.

In a global survey of 76,000 patients to determine the preferred method for professional prophylaxis, 92% said they were enthusiastic about EMS’s Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) method and would recommend it to family and friends.

The questionnaires consisted of eight questions, including the overall assessment of GBT, the surface smoothness achieved, the usefulness of disclosure before starting the treatment and a direct comparison with the conventional method.

The anonymised questionnaires were provided to EMS by prevention-oriented practices and clinics.

GBT achieved very good results in all the questions illustrated, scoring 4.6 or 4.7 out of a possible five points in each case.  

In addition, more than 98% of patients reported experiencing no unpleasant pain during treatment or that the pain was less than with conventional treatment.

On September 16, 2022, at The Royal College of Physicians, the GBT Summit in London will bring together leading international experts and clinicians to share information about preventive dentistry and modern therapies to support existing GBT users and support those looking for new ways to elevate their skillset.

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