Dental Wellness Foundation provides new Mobile Dental Clinic to support children’s oral health in Western Cape

In collaboration with the University of the Western Cape’s (UWC) Mobile Dental Clinic and generous support from Rotary and Colgate, The Dental Wellness Foundation (DWF) hit the road last week with this fully equipped van and treated over 250 children as part of its LiveSmart toothbrushing programme.

Over three days, the Dental Wellness Foundation, along with volunteers from the University of Western Cape, provided essential outreach dental care at Nyameko primary school in Mfuleni Cape Town to the school children and teachers which included screenings, preventative treatments and fillings. All dental treatment was provided pro bono.

Complete with three fully equipped dental chairs with screens to ensure patient privacy, this new mobile dental clinic includes a fully operational sterilisation area to clean and decontaminate the instruments. This UWC mobile dental clinic will now be used for all future outreach dental care, service delivery and research programmes and education sessions with the help of dental students from UWC and dental volunteers from the Dental Wellness Foundation.

Furthermore, to recognise the most dedicated students who participate in the daily toothbrushing programmes in the community, 500 children were invited to attend the 2022 graduation party. These are the children who participate in the evening toothbrushing programmes and demonstrate excellence in the LiveSmart toothbrushing programme. Each year, the Toothbrush Mamas who run the programme choose from over 20,000 children to attend a special ceremony event as a ‘thank you’ for their attendance and dedication. The event included live music and dancing and each child received a T-shirt which was sponsored by Ivodent, Thyrve Dental materials and DMG-Dental from Germany.

The research team consists of Dental Wellness Trust from London , the University of the Western Cape from Cape Town and the DMG research team from Germany

The Dental Wellness Foundation was also fortunate to receive part-funding for the transport from HCI Foundation, a gift voucher from Chequers/shoprite and a huge discount of bottled water from Aquasky, plus water donated by Enamel Clinic in Greenpoint, Cape Town.  

The Dental Wellness Foundation works in collaboration with Colgate South Africa with the Bright Smiles, Bright Futures programme delivering the LiveSmart toothbrushing programmes to over 20,000 children in the townships of Mfuleni, Khayalitcha and Delft.

At the coal-face of the entire project is a dedicated group of extraordinary women referred to as Toothbrush Mamas. They run the Livesmart schools programme, visiting participating schools and providing each child with a toothbrush. The mamas teach the children how to brush their teeth and visit the schools and ECD’s daily to check on the programme and also teach the teachers to help the children with their daily hand washing and toothbrushing. The toothbrushes stay at the school and the children use them every day. Feedback from the children and their parents is the ‘well-being factor’ of feeling clean and healthy. Many children do not have their own toothbrush or toothpaste at home due to the high costs of these items. The LiveSmart daily programme now reaches 20,000 children in 360 schools in Cape town. 

When Covid hit South Africa in 2020, the Dental Wellness Foundation responded to the rise in poverty and need for food security by introducing 12 soup kitchens — eight in Khayelitsha and four in Mfuleni. These were run by the sisterhood of ‘mamas’ who cooked the daily meals and then travelled to the schools to run the Livesmart programme whilst serving the food to queues of hungry people. Sadly, it has since been decided to close down the feeding scheme due to the huge cost. However, since April 2020 the charity has provided over 350,000 meals.

Dr Linda Greenwall, founder of the Dental Wellness Trust, says: “Thanks to our incredible sponsors, this was the first outing for our new mobile dental clinic and the facilities the van provided were paramount in enabling the children to receive such great care and treatment. It’s absolutely vital that we are able to continue providing our supervised tooth brushing programmes – especially for those living with poor oral health who are at an increased risk of many health complications.

“Our annual event was the icing on the cake and I want to give a special ‘thank you’ to the brilliant work of our 18 toothbrush mamas and to our sponsors which include Aquasky, DMG, Thryve Health, Ivodent, HCI Foundation and Shoprite. Without them, none of this would have been possible.”

Dental Wellness Trust Provides Essential Oral Health Screenings for Hundreds of School Children in Luton

London-based charity, the Dental Wellness Trust will be providing FREE dental health screenings and fluoride varnishing (which helps prevent dental decay) to over 250 children attending Waulud Primary School & Nursery in Luton.

This community-led initiative forms part of the charity’s ambitious national programme, Livesmart Dental Care, which bridges the deeply worrying gap where very few NHS dental practices across Britain are able to take additional patients due to limited capacity, financial resource and thousands of dentists exiting the profession.

Furthermore, since a number of these children have never visited a dentist before or were unable to access a dental appointment during the pandemic, this has resulted in some children experiencing excruciating pain and becoming absent from school as a consequence.

Dr Linda Greenwall

Dr Linda Greenwall, founder of the Dental Wellness Trust, says: “Without question, the impact of poor oral health on the quality of life is of urgent importance. This is why initiatives such as the Livesmart Dental Care programme are vital in providing essential treatment, interventions and preventative advice for these children and help reduce the risk in later life of chronic diseases. However, unless urgent action is taken by the Government to include oral health prevention and toothbrushing programmes, the UK is set to see higher rates of tooth decay among the Covid generation of pre-school children who have never seen a dentist or delayed seeing one for too long.” 

Headteacher, Mrs Devereux from Waulud Primary School & Nursery, adds, “We are thrilled that the Dental Wellness Trust has chosen to work with our school & nursery and offer these essential oral health screening to many of our children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Oral health is a key indicator of overall health, wellbeing and quality of life and yet unfortunately, tooth decay remains one of the most common non-communicable diseases worldwide.”

To find out more about Livesmart Dental Care programme or to get your school or nursery involved, contact:

Henry Schein Dental UK announces its support for 2022 Dental Wellness Trust programmes

Henry Schein Dental UK announced its continued support for the Dental Wellness Trust, a charity that aims to provide dental care and education for children in the UK and internationally. For this year’s initiatives, Henry Schein Dental UK provided financial contributions that will help advance the Dental Wellness Trust’s LiveSmart supervised toothbrushing programme for children as well as its dental outreach programme for child refugees.

Henry Schein Dental UK’s donation will go towards purchasing dental screening materials for the LiveSmart programme, which is designed to address the crisis of child dental health. Initially set up to help communities in South Africa, LiveSmart now reaches 11,000 UK children and teaches them about good oral health. The programme also trains teachers and supervisors on best practices on how to implement LiveSmart initiatives within their schools.*  

“For more than 10 years, Henry Schein Dental UK has collaborated with the Dental Wellness Trust in its efforts to help improve the general health and wellbeing of young children through dental wellness, specifically for individuals most in need,” said Vikki Goodall, Senior Director and General Manager of Henry Schein Dental UK. “We are committed to helping close the gap of health care inequities by working with organisations that support communities in need, and our mission of ‘helping health happen’ is exemplified through our continued partnership with the Dental Wellness Trust charity.”

Henry Schein Dental UK’s donation will also help provide the materials for dental screenings, examinations, and treatment including fillings and extractions, for children in the refugee community. In December 2021, the Dental Wellness Trust’s dental team carried out fillings of 20 or more teeth for each child screened. In early February 2022, around 350 additional children were screened and taught how to best brush their teeth. The team is continuing to conduct child refugee  and schools outreach programmes throughout 2022 to help more children.

“Many children, especially those most in need, suffer the consequences of poor oral health,” said Dr. Linda Greenwall, Founder, Dental Wellness Trust. “We are grateful to the Henry Schein Dental UK team for their continued support in helping us put an end to this critical public health issue. The right to oral health is a basic human right, yet dental decay is still the most common childhood disease world-wide. We aim to change this through our oral health education programmes, and we are thankful for the many teachers we work with for their total dedication to creating a better world for these children.”

In addition to its financial contributions for dental screening material for 2022 programmes, Henry Schein Dental UK, amongst others, donated a mobile dental van that promotes the importance of oral health and supports dental treatment for children. The van enables greater visibility for the Dental Wellness Trust and its mission to improve the oral health of children throughout the UK.

This initiative forms part of Henry Schein Cares, the company’s corporate social responsibility programme. Henry Schein Cares stands on five pillars: empowering Team Schein to reach their potential, advancing health equity and expanding access to care for underserved communities, accelerating environmental sustainability, strengthening, and diversifying our supply chain, and maintaining strong ethical governance. Health care activities supported by Henry Schein Cares focus on four main areas:

  1. Wellness, treatment, prevention, and education;
  2. Capacity building;
  3. Emergency preparedness and disaster response;
  4. Health system strengthening.

Taking Action on Sugar! (S03 E04)

Dr Kawther Hashem, Campaign Lead at Action on Sugar, and Dr Saul Konviser of the Dental Wellness Trust discuss the Government’s open consultation on total restriction of online advertising for HFSS (High in Fat, Sugar and Salt) products, and why it is so important.

The conversation covers the difficulties parents face when feeding their children, branding and packaging, and more. We also question whether responsibility should come down to the government, manufacturers, retailers or consumers.

Drs Hashem and Konviser also talk about the issues arising in patients due to a lack of care during the pandemic.

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts, including Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify and more:


Dr Kawther Hashem

Dr Kawther Hashem, BSc MSc PhD RNutr (Public Health), is an Registered Nutritionist. She currently holds the position of nutrition researcher at Queen Mary University of London and the Campaign Lead for the Action on Sugar project at Consensus Action on Salt, Sugar and Health (CASSH), an active research charity organisation concerned with the effects of salt and sugar on health.

Kawther studied for a BSc in Nutrition at King’s College London. Since graduating, she has worked in various areas including the food industry, non-governmental organisations and more recently in academia. In 2014, Kawther completed a Masters in Food Policy at City University London and in early 2019, she completed her PhD on sugar reduction.

Alongside her current roles Kawther is also visiting lecturer on nutrition and food policy at several UK universities and is regularly invited to comment on nutrition topics in the media.

Twitter: @actiononsugar @kawtherh

Instagram: @actiononsaltandsugar @drkawthernutrition


Dr Saul Konviser

Dr Saul Konviser is a general dentist at Montagu Dental practice in Marylebone. He also has an MSc in International Health Policy and utilises this in his role as Trustee of the Dental Wellness Trust charity. He he has been responsible for establishing the DWT’s supervised toothbrushing programmes in schools and nurseries in the UK that now has over 3,500 children taking part everyday. This is in addition to the 15,000 children participating in the DWT’s programmes in South Africa. If you wish to get involved with the DWT, then please get in touch at

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Dental Wellness Trust urges Nursery Settings to Resume Supervised Tooth Brushing Programmes and Help Prevent Post-Lockdown Tooth Decay

UK charity, Dental Wellness Trust, is urging Early Years settings across London and the South East to sign up to their FREE LiveSmart supervised toothbrushing programmes, after concerns that children’s oral health has suffered significantly during the past nine months of lockdown and restrictions.

With reports of further lockdowns predicted in 2021, the charity says nursery managers MUST continue to act responsibly and make oral health a priority, potentially to reduce tooth decay in children by up to 30%1.

Latest figures by the Local Government Association show nearly 45,000 hospital operations were performed to remove children’s rotten teeth during 2018/19 as a result of tooth decay and high sugar diets. In fact, with a programme of oral health education initiatives and nationwide supervised tooth brushing programmes, these procedures would be entirely preventable. Moreover, a cash-strapped NHS would save millions in costs.

The Dental Wellness Trust is also calling for all Early Years settings with regular interaction with children to be on high alert for possible safeguarding where cases are found of severe dental decay – with responsibility not lying solely with social services. Where parents or carers repeatedly fail to access dental treatment for a child’s tooth decay or leave dental pain untreated, alarm bells concerning neglect should ring for all those working with or responsible for children.

Supervised tooth brushing programmes focus on oral health advice and education to teachers by trained professionals together with the distribution of continuous free toothpaste and brush packs for daily brushing in the classroom. They form part of Public Health England’s recommendations for effective strategies to prevent early childhood decay. In September this year, the Government gave Covid-19 guidance and permission for supervised toothbrushing programmes to resume safely in nurseries and schools.

Dr Linda Greenwall, founder of Dental Wellness Trust, says: “Although tooth decay does not discriminate, it is strongly associated with deprivation and social exclusion. This has been made worse during 2020 when dental practices were forced to shut and many children were unable to attend appointments as well as their nursery. Therefore, there has never been a greater need to resume toothbrushing schemes in Early Years settings so that any children who are suffering from dental decay are treated in primary care where possible, therefore reducing the need for onward referral into hospital.”

Dr Saul Konviser from the Dental Wellness Trust, explains: “Despite the lack of check-ups and increased sugar consumption, many oral health programmes, which are vital for reaching some of the country’s poorest children, have not yet restarted. In normal times we support more than 3,500 young children with supervised teeth cleaning. Our biggest worry is for those children whose tooth enamel is softer and thinner, making it more vulnerable to sugary lockdown diets”.

Alison Gellman, Dental Wellness Trust LiveSmart Supervisor, adds: “Public Health England’s guidelines state that it is safe to restart the supervised toothbrushing programmes and we have taken every precaution to follow their Covid guidelines. Better dental hygiene taught at an early age will have long term benefits for children’s teeth, fewer nursery days lost and better overall health and wellbeing of our children.”

To sign up to the FREE LiveSmart supervised toothbrushing programme, contact

Dr Linda Greenwall’s Dental Wellness Trust (S02 E05)

In this episode of The Probe Dental Podcast, Dr Linda Greenwall discusses the formation of her charity: the Dental Wellness Trust.

Established in 2011, the Dental Wellness Trust charity has one simple mission and that’s to improve the general health and wellbeing of children through dental wellness – especially those most in need.

The charity’s LiveSmart supervised tooth brushing programme addresses the ever-worsening crisis of child dental health. Initially set up to help communities in Dr Greenwall’s home country of South Africa (with over 80% tooth decay rates in children under 5 years old), it is now being rolled out in schools and nurseries across parts of the UK.

In addition to discussing the Dental Wellness Trust’s aims and the LiveSmart campaign, Dr Greenwall speaks about how rewarding charity work can be, as well as how others can involved through volunteering or interning – particularly student dentists looking for a more unique experience.

Listen here or wherever you get your podcasts:


For more information about the Dental Wellness Trust, visit

Dr Linda Greenwall

The Probe Dental Podcast is presented by The Dental Awards.

The Dental Awards is the original and most respected awards programme in British dentistry. 2021 marks the 22nd anniversary of the Dental Awards, and over the decades, this prestigious event has recognised the outstanding individuals and teams whose commitment and drive continue to raise standards throughout the profession.

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Action on Sugar and Dental Wellness Trust react to Government’s open consultation on total restriction of online advertising for HFSS products

The government’s Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport have started their open consultation on the total restriction of online advertising for products high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS). The consultation seeks views on the proposal for a total online advertising restriction for HFSS products to reduce the amount of HFSS advertising children are exposed to online.

Professor Graham MacGregor, Chair of Action on Sugar, commented: “We very much welcome this consultation on whether only healthy food and drink should be advertised online as it gives the opportunity for ministers to hear from the many parents who are frustrated with their children being bombarded with advertising for unhealthy foods. 
“As the message from the Government has been to ‘stay home’ for much of the year in the fight against COVID-19, this will have no doubt vastly increased children’s exposure to such irresponsible marketing which casts unhealthy products in the spotlight. 
“It’s therefore vital that a total ban across all online platforms is introduced which would ensure that all loopholes, including paid-for promotions whereby brands are using marketing techniques to push junk food ads, would be firmly closed and help turn the tide on obesity.”
Dr Saul Konviser of the Dental Wellness Trust added: “Oral health is a key indicator of overall health, wellbeing and quality of life and yet unfortunately, tooth decay remains one of the most common non-communicable diseases worldwide. It is therefore imperative that only non-HFSS food and drink products can be marketed and promoted to children across all forms of media – and that must include a total online ban on promotions and advertising.

“As the latest figures by the Local Government Association show, nearly 45,000 hospital operations were performed to remove rotten teeth in 2018/19 which is a stark reminder that too much sugar, especially in children’s diets, can have dire consequences. And what’s most concerning is this is all entirely preventable.”

Dental Wellness Trust hosting 5th Annual Saving Kids Teeth Webinar Conference – Treating the Trauma

The Dental Wellness Trust is excited to announce a new concept of lecture to Save Kids Teeth. Due to Covid-19 it is now presenting its conference via Zoom Webinar, taking place on Friday 6th November.

A selection of speakers will highlight the causes behind Children’s emergency dental treatment, accidents, trauma and how to treat them.

For more information, visit

Event Schedule

8.30 – 8.45am – Welcome and Introduction

8.45 – 9.30am Dr Linda Greenwall – Non vital Bleaching of traumatized teeth

9.30 – 10.00am Miss Kathryn Harley – Enamel Defects

10.00 – 10.30am Dr Shiraz Khan – Minimal Invasive treatment

10.30 – 11.00am – Break and Adverts

11.00 – 11.30am Professor Siobhan Barry – Hall Crown Techniques

11.30 – 12.00pm Mr Sanjev Sood – Anterior Aesthetics and Splinting

12.00- 12.30pm Professor Sondos Albadri – Apexification, Pulpotomies and Gum boils

12.30am Dr Vidya Srinivasan – Emergency Dental Care

1.00pm – Lunch and Adverts

1.45pm Dr Gehan Abou – Ameira – Sepsis and Medical Emergencies

2.15pm Dr Richard Horwitz – Atraumatic Extractions

2.45pm – Break and Adverts

2.45pm Dr Linda Greenwall – Video Demonstration White spot lesions and resin infiltration

3.00 – 3.30pm Dr Saul Konvisor – Video Demonstration Making Sports Guards

3.30 – 4.00pm Dr Jude Ferreira – Access Cavities & barrier preparation

4.00 – 4.30pm Dr Siobhan Hewson – Step by step Pulpotomies

4.30 – 5.00pm Dr James Goolnik – Kick Sugar