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BSPD President visits Downing Street in support of ‘Free School Meals for All’


  Posted by: Dental Design      29th June 2023

Dr Jenny Harris, President of BSPD joined a group of supporters of the ‘Free School Meals for All’ campaign outside Downing Street today. The ‘No Child Left Behind’ group responsible for the ‘Free School Meals for All’ initiative delivered its open letter, signed by BSPD’s President on behalf of the Society, calling for an extension of free school meals to all children in primary schools in England. Primary schools in England do not currently receive funding for ‘Free School Meals for All’ – despite the scheme being announced in Scotland, Wales and most recently in London as part of a one year scheme to support families with the cost of living crisis. 

The open letter, signed by more than 240 community organisations, faith groups, charities and trade unions, and over 90,000 individuals, came on the penultimate day of the Free School Meals for All campaign’s National Week of Action (24-30 June), which has a series of local and national events and activities. The Free School Meals for All campaign is supported by nearly 90 MPs, Peers, local councils and mayors, who are putting their weight behind the call to ensure no child goes too hungry to learn at school.

Mrs Jenny Harris, President of BSPD, said, “BSPD supports the ‘Free School Meals for All’ campaign because day-to-day, our paediatric dental colleagues see the impact poor diet has on children’s health and wellbeing.  We know that a good nutritious meal at lunchtime helps children to get the most out of their school day.  Being healthy, and that includes having good oral health, allows children to enjoy both their studies and their playtime.

“At BSPD we have recently focused on children’s rights. To fulfil the right to reach their potential requires all children to have access to healthy nutritious food.  We need the Government to support this right by giving free school meals for all primary school children in the UK.”

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