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  Posted by: The Probe      15th September 2021

For many years, 3M Oral Care has dedicated extensive time and research into creating innovative dental cements and adhesives for the modern professional. But now 3M’s solutions offer robustness, high bond strength and excellence, what’s the next step?

Join 3M for its exciting new two-part webinar series where renowned speakers will share clinical and academic insights gleaned while using the novel adhesives and cements that are paving the way to the future in dentistry.

Taking place on October 14th at 7pm, the first session hosted by Prof Daniel Edelhoff, Dr Ionut Branzan and Dr Michal Dekel Steinkeller will explore how professionals can simplify their restorative workflows with predictable procedure outcomes and just two of 3M’s innovative solutions.

The second webinar on October 28th at 7pm sees Prof Dr Bart van Meerbeck and Dr Shira Zary examine modern adhesive technology and how this can be utilised to bond direct and indirect tooth restorations. Plus, the pair will also discuss how to improve on perfection for truly outstanding outcomes.

You can register your place at these webinars here:

For more information, call 08705 360 036 or visit

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