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  Posted by: The Probe      25th May 2021

Young dentists must build on their experience to develop the confidence and capabilities to deliver exceptional quality dentistry. It is also important for young dentists to utilise appropriate support systems on the road to success. That’s why the BACD is committed to helping the next generation of dentists broaden their knowledge, hone their skills and advance their careers. This ethos is what encouraged foundation dentist, Dr Roshni Ruparelia, to join the BACD.

“I became interested in cosmetic and restorative dentistry as an undergraduate dental student, which is when I became a BACD student representative,” she says. “I then attended the BACD Annual Conference, where I was provided with an incredible environment to meet world-class dental professionals. I also realised how much of a family the BACD is and a supportive one at that.

“I love attending BACD events and look forward to the next Young Dentists’ Day, which has unfortunately been postponed due to the pandemic. These events are really well tailored for young dentists and provide an accessible means of learning about cosmetic dentistry. Another benefit of membership to the BACD is that the Academy provides access to many resources. For instance, during lockdowns, there have been various webinars available via the BACD website.”

The BACD has always strived to offer outstanding learning opportunities and the chance for young dentists to take their career to new heights. Dr Ruparelia says:

“As a young dentist, you always wonder what you can achieve. The BACD holds competitions that include the Foundation Dentist Case Presentation Award, the Rising Star Essay Prize, and the Poster Presentation. The themes explored in these competitions have inspired me to consider topics such as the pros and cons of composite compared to porcelain veneers, and apply this to my own practice. It’s inspiring to see what young dentists with similar experience have achieved and motivates me to excel and uphold these high standards.

“The BACD is distinguished by how supportive it is of young dentists, from holding events that are tailored to this audience, to maintaining a community of members that – regardless of their experience or accomplishments – are all approachable. By welcoming dental professionals from a range of backgrounds, the BACD provides its pool of members with the unique opportunity to learn from each other. It’s inspiring to engage in discussion with such incredible dentists ­–­ some of whom are only a few years beyond me – and learn from their successes.

“As such, I would recommend any young dentist – especially those in their undergraduate and foundation years – joins the BACD. Foundation dentists are at a very early stage in their career, so it’s important that they keep their options open before they determine a definitive career path. Becoming a BACD member gives you an idea as to whether you will enjoy a career in cosmetic dentistry.

“Beyond this, cosmetic dentistry is a field growing at an exponential rate. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry go hand-in-hand. In my view, it is crucial to have a strong foundational understanding of cosmetic dentistry to provide our patients with comprehensive care. With BACD membership, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

Visit the BACD website today to explore your membership options.


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