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“I rarely need to take a second impression”

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  Posted by: The Probe      13th January 2021

Jon Portner of Portner Pittack Dental Practice has used COLTENE’s impression materials for the last 15 years.

“For accurate crown and bridge work, AFFINIS™ and PRESIDENT™ offer choices – different washes, working and setting times and consistencies. Different colours too, which I am able to mix and match. AFFINIS™ PRECIOUS materials, in gold and silver, have a variable working time, for example. The materials are predictable and easy to handle and my dental nurse Jadeen loves working with them too!

“I rarely need to take second impressions and the material is well-tolerated by my patients. Likewise, my technicians almost never send impressions back for a retake.

“As well as AFFINIS™ and PRESIDENT, I like COLTENE’s Jet Blue Bite Fast registration material. The specialists at our practice expect nothing less than the highest-quality materials to work with, to deliver exceptional treatment.”


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