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  Posted by: The Probe      17th November 2020

The BACD Accreditation programme offers an industry-recognised platform for showcasing one’s skill, passion and experience in delivering exceptional cosmetic dentistry. As much a challenge as a rewarding experience, BACD Accreditation has helped many clinicians advance their careers and enabled them to enhance the patient experience. Dr Arun Darbar believes that this has been key to ensuring professional success, as he comments:

“Becoming a BACD Accredited member has made me look at my own work more critically and improved my knowledge, taking the standard of care I provide to patients to the next level. The key benefit of BACD Accreditation is that it makes you a better focused clinician and motivates you to think outside the box. Additionally, you are able to easily implement what you have learned in your day-to-day work. Accreditation also encourages you to assess your work and improve it, which can provide personal satisfaction in that you tried your best for the patient.”

Candidates of the BACD Accreditation programme are assessed through a series of case studies and a Viva examination. This is designed to enable candidates to demonstrate that they can diagnose, plan and execute high-quality cosmetic dental treatment safely, ethically and competently. Speaking about his Accreditation journey, Dr Darbar says:

“My motivation to pursue BACD Accreditation came after I won a silver award at the AACD’s smile gallery competition. I felt that perhaps it was something I could achieve, so I began the Accreditation journey and learning process. It brought me great satisfaction to know that I could do it, rather than what it could do for me. It’s a personal achievement that enhances my dentistry and patient care.

“The most crucial aspect of the Accreditation process is critiquing your work through photographs – different angles show you what has been done well or what has been missed or could be addressed and improved. This has made me think and plan treatment with a goal in mind, whilst effectively managing patients’ expectations and limitations, be they clinical or financial. It also enabled me to find a solution or at least address dental issues in a systematic way. I have even adopted the Accreditation photography criteria as an assessment tool in my own practice, as well as a tool for reviewing treatment. This is great from a dento-legal perspective as it forms part of my treatment records with before-and-after images of each case.

“I would recommend every dentist joins the BACD and starts the Accreditation process. The BACD is a great community of friends who are ready to learn, as well as help and guide each other. BACD Accreditation is a journey that takes you to the next level of clinical excellence and it can be achieved by anyone with just a slight paradigm shift and a change in mindset.”

If you are considering Accreditation, the BACD website offers a range of resources to help support you in kickstarting your journey. Find out more today. 


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