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  Posted by: The Probe      10th July 2020

Colosseum Dental is looking to recruit associate dentists. If you’re an associate who is exploring new opportunities, the first thing you’ll want to know is, “What can you offer me?”

To answer that, we should start with what Colosseum Dental stands for. Its core principles of care, entrepreneurship, passion and collaboration are found and reflected in every single area of the business, including in the people who work here.

A commitment to withholding these principles are what makes us different to the rest – and a great place to work! You’ll be cared for, supported and encouraged every step of the way, as your dental career grows from strength to strength.

Exceptional care needs exceptional dentists 

Exceptional treatment can only be delivered by dentists who are highly skilled, inspired and constantly motivated. As well as how care is delivered, the where is important too – which is why we recently refurbished our entire portfolio of UK practices. As an associate, you’ll be working in modern, beautiful clinics, with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest materials to facilitate efficient, safe and high quality treatment. You’ll always have whatever you need, and you’ll love coming in to work.

We regard ourselves as a major provider of neighbourhood dentistry and all our teams really get to know their patients, allowing them to deliver personal care and a comfortable experience at every appointment. We want them to know we’re here to take care of them and their family for as long as they need us to!

In order to do more for their patients, our associates are offered ongoing training and education. There will be opportunities for you in various disciplines, wherever your interest lies. At Colosseum Dental, we also welcome free, creative thinkers with great ideas about how to elevate patient services even higher. We’d love to hear yours and help you to achieve them. We’re a relatively small group now, but as Europe’s fastest growing dental company we’ve got big plans, so we need the right people on board as we expand and thrive. It’s that combination of stability and security, with the chance to spread your wings and be the best dentist that you can be that makes working with Colosseum Dental a great move, whatever stage of your career you’re at.

Sharing the love

Maybe you’re looking to change jobs as you feel there’s nowhere else to go in your current practice; we can help you re-ignite your passion for dentistry. As a clinician, feeling stressed and de-motivated from time-to-time is natural – it’s a busy, high-pressured career and patient expectations have never been higher. But at Colosseum Dental, we have created an environment – from the leadership team and head office, filtered down to every single practice – where the highs outweigh the lows. Everyone in the team is well looked after and there is as “open door” policy with management, too. This is a group with a personal feel, rather like a family – our associates feel valued, listened to and seen. We invest in you – financially and emotionally – because when you make a move to Colosseum Dental, we’d like you to stay with us.   

We have opportunities across the UK – so if you want a new location and a fresh start, that’s another reason to join. Plus, we are currently offering a unique Clinician Aid Package to our dentists and dental hygienists to provide additional support and bridge any financial shortfalls they may be facing due to reduce earning capacity in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Need more? Here’s what some of our associates say:

“I’ve never seen such down to earth leadership team. The practice managers are so easy to talk to about anything. They are brilliant and always helpful… I’m very happy working here and don’t EVER want to leave”.

“I have been given the opportunity to develop”.

“I feel comfortable at work, I enjoy it and I’m recognised for my effort.” 

“Excellent support from head office…  exceptional leadership, guidance and advice.”

To return to the original question, “What can you offer me?”, it’s more of a case of what can’t we. If you are an associate who wants career progression and clinical freedom within an ethical company, a supportive team, a beautiful place to work in, loyal patients to care for and excellent earning potential, make Colosseum Dental your next move.

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