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  Posted by: The Probe      9th July 2020

COLTENE Fill-Up!™ is for when you need a fast restoration in a single step.

A medium viscous bulk composite, it is perfect for Class I and II restorations in the posterior region, where it can often be difficult to reach the cavities even with the curing light. 

COLTENE Fill-Up!™ is dual curing and gives great aesthetics, with a universal shade between the levels VITA™ A2 and A3, saving you time on shade matching. An additional covering layer is often unnecessary.

COLTENE Fill-Up!™ can be used in conjunction with COLTENE’s other restorative products. Contact COLTENE today to find out how to enhance your restorative practice.  


To find out more visit, email or call  01444 235486

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