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  Posted by: The Probe      10th February 2020

Dr Farah Hoosen, Clinical Lead at Luton House Dental Practice joined Rodericks Dental in 2016.

“Rodericks focuses on the dentistry,” she says, “on making good clinical decisions. Being clinically-led in this way ensures that dentists and their teams have all the materials needed to deliver quality patient care. I have the clinical freedom to provide the care I think is best.

“You notice the difference it makes when senior management have clinical experience. Many of the directors have worked in practice… they understand the stresses of dentistry and make pain-points easier to manage.

“Various training courses further support the clinically-led ethos, enabling dentists to improve their skills. They are very accessible and often available with great discounts. Rodericks is keen to make the lives of dentists easier and I think it does this very well.”


For more information on the career opportunities available at Rodericks, please visit,

or contact Ashley Lillyman at or on

01604 970988 (option 1)


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