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  Posted by: The Probe      27th January 2020

As part of the GDC’s new approach to strategic planning, and further to the publication of its three-year Corporate Strategy 2020-2022: Right time, right place, right touch, the regulator has published its Costed Corporate Plan 2020. The plan promotes greater understanding of the relationship between its regulatory activity and the fees charged, and includes the GDC’s forecast of income and expenditure for 2020.

The GDC’s 2020 work programme, which is set out across its five strategic aims, is captured by the strategy’s title; ‘Right time’, to illustrate the GDC’s continued focus on developing its approach to ‘upstream regulation’, ‘Right place’, to describe the continued work to support issues resolution by the correct organisation and to promote local complaint resolution wherever possible, and ‘Right touch’, to highlight the regulator’s commitment to ensuring its enforcement activity and decision-making is evidence based and proportionate.

GDC Chief Executive and Registrar, Ian Brack, said: “The plan is an essential tool which will enable the GDC to manage its resources, in circumstances  which will undoubtedly change over time, so it can  deliver an effective, timely and proportionate service for the public whilst providing Registrants with a far higher degree of certainty regarding the ARF for the next three years.”

The GDC says this programme of work included in the plan further progresses the GDC’s aim of being a fair and cost-effective regulator that intervenes at the right time, in the right place and with the right touch.

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